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Oct 25, 2009 03:53 PM

Rehearsal dinner in August, make me a hero

Friends from out of town (Tulsa) are hosting a rehearsal/out of town wedding dinner on a Friday night in August for around 60 people. Not looking to break the bank and it must be in Manhattan. The wedding is at the chapel at Columbia, as is rehearsal (obviously) --- so west side would be better, but not essential, since many other people will be attending besides wedding party. They are thinking BBQ, maybe southwestern/mexican. Can be very informal. I'm thinking family style Italian. Help us out!

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  1. for bbq go to dinosaur

    , for italian, see if these two places can accommodate you

    1. Would second Dinosaur -- and if you are looking to save $$, see if there's a way to rent a room at Columbia (I'm guessing there might be some association with the school) and just order big trays of BBQ and have the party elsewhere. (I am thinking that could save you $$ on drinks, which is where a lot of the cost comes from.)

      If you're thinking big Italian, there are a few places where the food is OK but I think could accomodate a group of 60. One is Carmine's (people on this board hate it but out-of-towners think it has a real NY ambiance; there's a location on Broadway in the 90's). The other is Dean's Pizza -- again, mediocre food but the space is big and I'd think they could fit a group that size.

      Good luck!