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soup cookbook?


I love making soups and often use recipes found here, online or in my cookbooks. What i don't have is a dedicated cookbook strictly for soup. I was considering the Williams Sonoma soup book, but wondered if anyone had suggestions for a great soup cookbook with a variety of suggestions.

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. The Soup Bible, a really large and heavy volume which I own and like, gets good reviews on Amazon. I found my copy on sale at Borders a few years ago, and also bought one as a gift for a friend.

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      I just saw the Soup Bible in the price reduced section at Barnes and Noble. I think it was $9 :) I have a copy but have yet to use it.

    2. I like the cookbook from The New England Soup Factory. I've had it for a few years now and pull it out just about this time of year for our Tuesday Soup dinners which run through the winter. I usually halve the recipes as most of them serve 8 - 10 and we're just 2 here. They feature readily available ingredients and are an easy prep. Here's a link to Amazon:

      Another book I like is "Tom Valenti's Soups, Stews, and One-Pot Meals: 125 Home Recipes from the Chef-Owner of New York City's Ouest and 'Cesca."

      Finally, If you glance through the COTM Archives you will see many cookbooks of varying ethnic and specialties all of which have a soup chapter. You might just discover a cuisine which will appeal to you:

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        I Have The New England Soup Factory cookbook as well, I've made I think 5 different ones, they've all been good, everyone has loved them.

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          I was going to recommend the NESF cookbook, too. Great mix of old standbys and creative new ideas.

      2. Barbara Kafka has a great book called "Soup, A Way Of Life", my favorite soup book

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          Mine, too - I have really used that one. Also, James Peterson's Spendid Soups - those two are my most-used favorites.

        2. It's not a dedicated soup cookbook but has lots of soup recipes: Moosewood Daily Specials. I like the unusual combinations and flavors.

          1. "The Daily Soup Cookbook" has wonderful soup recipes drawn from cultures around the world. I like this one a lot.

            I used to have a Bernard Clayton book, I think it was titled "Soups, Stews and Chowders", but I gave it to the library - it was quite comprehensive however, mostly not unique or original, but a repetition of classic soups and stews that I mostly have in all the other cookbooks I own.

            1. Like most books from James Peterson his soup book (Spendid Soups) is very good and highly recommended. It covers a wide range of soups.


              1. I love love love my copy of the Culinary Institute of America's Book of Soups. http://www.ciaprochef.com/fbi/books/B... I have the James Peterson book too and don't reach for it nearly as much. Every single soup I have made from the CIA book has been terrific and many went directly into the regular rotation.

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                  Gretchen, I am not much of a soup person (soup just never seems substantial enough for me), but it is soup season, and I received this book as a gift (from someone who apparently hasn't noticed that they've never seen me order or serve soup), but I'd like to get some use out of this book.

                  What are your four-star favs from this book? Maybe I'd be a convert if I tried a couple of the best recipes from this book...


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                    Just went to amazon to look at the book - the cheapest copy is 112.00! Wow.


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                      Wow! I guess I'd better learn to love this book, then. It got a 5-star rating on Amazon, too, out of 24 customer reviews.


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                        Recently made the French Lentil Soup from the CIA Book of Soups. It is a very simple soup but had a very nice balance.

                        Some pictures:


                    2. I like the James Peterson book already mentioned. I also cook from Jasper White's 50 Chowders regularly. I am making his potato-cheddar chowder this week.

                      1. 50 Chowders: One Pot Meals - Clam, Corn, & Beyond by Jasper White

                        ISBN-10: 0684850346

                        1. I see that this is an old posting, but it re-emerged, so what the heck. For Christmas I bought myself Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette's Twelve Months of Monastary Soups, and I kind of love it passionately (in fact, it's sitting on my office desk as I type this, and we're cooking from it tonight). The recipes are simple, seasonally organized, and - so far - crazy tasty. It inspired me to start making my own chicken stock, although even in the bad old store-bought days, every soup I've made from this book has been great.