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Oct 25, 2009 02:57 PM

Rice Krispies Treats

A random topic but where is a good place to get good, homemade/bakery quality Rice Krispie Treats? Thanks for the input.

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  1. if you've got a couple of frat boys, a keg of beer and a lot of time on your hands:

    1. Those are so easy to make! Rice Krispies, butter, and marshmallows. You'd get the best results just making your own - the recipe is on the Rice Krispies box.

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      1. re: rmperry

        You can get them at Formaggio Kitchen, in the South End. I know for sure they make cocoa krispie ones. Not sure about the regular rice krispies.

      2. Just make them yourself. Geez.

        1. I think the ones at Flour are the best!

          1. Ditto what Care13 says - I love how they're so chewy - we keep asking about it at the Washington St. location. On Wed. when we went to the Ft. Point one, I found them and ended up buying two.

            rmperry, just because I love how good Flour ones are, I was looking online for a recipe. Someone wrote that the recipe on the current box actually cuts the butter in 1/2 to make it a more "heart-healthy" recipe. I haven't tried what they say is the original, which is 1 stick butter and 1 10 oz. bag of marshmallows.

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              I'm quite sure that I use 1/2 stick butter and a 10 oz. bag of marshmallows when I make Rice Krispie treats. No need to more butter than that, IMO. All this talk about them makes me want to make some now!