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Oct 25, 2009 02:10 PM

Orange County - Sushi & Japanese

I know there have been posts on this topic in the past, but most of the reviews ssem to be from 2008...

I'll be staying in the Huntington Beach area. Can someone please recommend restaurants in Orange County for sushi, omakase, and traditional Japanese fare?

I have 4 nights to explore so I want to make the most of it. It doesn't have to be fancy or trendy. I just want authentic and amazing food!

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  1. Just up the road from HB on Brookhurst is Shin Sen Gumi and Tsuruhashi.

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      Second Tsuruhashi and for ramen, Santouka (inside Mitsuwa food court in Costa Mesa on Paularino and Jian Way).

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        Oh, one more for udon and dons: Fukada in Irvine!

    2. Shin Sen Gumi is great. They have 2 options side by side, ramen (I have not been but it is supposed to be very good) and yakatori, which I love and think it is a lot of fun. Wasabi in Tustin has great sushi, but it is in a little strip mall with an auto parts store, so don't judge the book by the cover. I always have a great time at Honda Ya in Tustin. They are open late. Across from Shin Sen Gumi is a sister restaurant to Honda Ya, but I can't recall the name. A Japanese friend think sit is very authentic pub-type food.