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Oct 25, 2009 02:04 PM

ISO Black Truffle Butter

I was picking through a bunch of recipes I've accumulated in an envelope over the years looking for something different for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I came across a recipe for mortadella-stuffed pork loin. The recipe calls for layers sliced mortadella (could possibly be my favorite food) spread with black truffle butter and then rolled in a butterflied loin of pork. I could probably order the truffle butter over the internet, but I would rather buy it locally. Any suggestions?

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  1. most Whole Foods Markets carry it, and even some TJ's used to have D'Artagnan, though i'm not so sure they do anymore.

    1. The River Street Whole Foods often has it in the prepared/fancy butter case, near the wine.

        1. A friend of mine brought it over a few weeks ago - he got it at Butcher Boy. He left it here, and I have been using it on EVERYTHING. Sooo good - the brand name is (*runs to fridge*) D'Artagnan. Very good stuff.

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            I buy that when I see it and keep it in the freezer-- pasta, risotto, omelets, it makes the quickest meals.


          2. Beyond Savenors and Formaggio Kitchen and maybe Cardullo's in Harvard Square, you might try calling John Dewar's -- they have a bunch of truffl-ish stuff.