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Oct 25, 2009 01:01 PM

Where to find pork cheek in downtown toronto?

Anyone have any idea? I checked some Portuguese butchers on Bloor, no luck there. In Chinatown the closest thing they had was some pig snouts with little scrabs of meat attached, but that's not what I was after...

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  1. You making guanciale?

    No one I have come across carries it regularly. Cumbrae's can order it in, possibly Berkshire if you want. And Grace Meats in Little Italy can also bring it in. Ask to talk to one of the butchers, as opposed to a jr staff. Call it cheek or jowl. I ended up ordering half a pig from a farmer, so got my jowl that way, plus a few more thrown in.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      I plan on curing a couple cheeks, yes. :)

      But it is also my favourite meat to braise; with some wine, tomatos, beans served over polenta it is my favourite fall food. Of course sourcing it always seems to be a hassle.

      I live around the corner from Grace, so I'll try and order some tomorrow thanks!

    2. I've purchased guanciale at Cumbrae's on Church St.

      I found it in the cooler in the back left corner of the shop.

      1. It strikes me as odd that I have seen significant quantities of other pig head parts like snouts, ears, and tongues in the refrigerated cases at places like Highland Farms and better No Frills but never any cheek or jowl. Is there really a greater demand for snout? And are these parts coming in pre-butchered from the head?

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        1. re: Carruthers

          These parts will be used for head cheese by European customers. The jowls may be held back by the store for guanciale, or sausage, more valuable as there is a meat content in them.

        2. Saturdays in the North Market of the St. Lawrence market - just to your right as you walk in. They have whole pigs and I've seem pails full of heads.