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Oct 25, 2009 01:00 PM


Went to the 4 week old restaurant Hula on Central last night...WOW! what a great last minute decision.

The decor is urban modern. Huge nice patio, community table and wrap around bar inside. perfect for those fall winter evenings.

The food was outstanding!!! We started with the fish cakes ($7). They were perfectly crisp 3 came with the order and a delicious sauce was accompanied with it, be sure to ask for extra.

The menu consisited of burgers, sandwiches, variety of plates from pork to fish tacos, and a make your own fish: choose from mahi mahi, ahi, hapu, and a cpl of others. You can pick how it's prepared such as wasabi, macadamia, coconut. price ranged form 13-$16 and comes with coleslaw and white sticky rice.

My husband opted with the pulled pork plate. Delicious! and I went for the hapu macadiama crusted ($13) had to be the biggest piece of fish ever! I just finished the rest for lunch. The mango sauce that it came with was divine.

I almost forgot to mention the drink list. they have mai tai's, hurricanes, blood orange Martini's, Volcanoes for 2 people to share all about $7!! that was a steal.

I met the owner Dana and honestly couldn't belive they have only been open 4 weeks. they defintely have the food in check and I will be going back real soon.

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    1. I didn't have any dinner plans, tonight, so, I went. My experience was not as good. I had the Calamari appetizer, which had to be the biggest squid I had ever eaten. It was good. Lightly coated, fried, and cut into strips. It was served with lime-ginger-cream sauce and soy glaze. I was interested in the lemongrass encrusted Ono, bit, since it also came with the same sauce, I opted for it Jamaican Jerk style, instead. I didn't really care for this preparation, although the rather small piece of Ono was nicely cooked, the sauce didn't appeal to me. Also, what should have been a sweet tasting mango sticky rice, had a bitter taste. It also came with two johnnycakes (or some version thereof), which were pretty good, and two unremarkable pieces of plantain. I'd probably go back and try something else, but, not in the near future.

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        Stopped by before First Friday for drinks and appetizers during their Happy Hour program. Have heard very mixed reviews on the food and our apps seemed to support this. Sweet Potato Fries just didn't do it. Not crispy and no real sweet potato flavor. Shrimp Spring Rolls were equally tasteless and the (was it horseradish and lime?) that promised some bang was equally lame. It's a great room however open on all sides during the perfect weather and a great patio. Drinks were solid and a very good Mai Tai was just $5 during HH. Service was friendly and prompt. I'd go back for drinks but probably not to eat.