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Oct 25, 2009 12:58 PM

Best Restaurant Breakfast in the U.S.?

If you could go anywhere, where would it be, and what would you have?
(I'd head to Jedediah's House of Sourdough in Jackson Hole and order their ethereal Sourdough Pancakes.)

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  1. Even though I'm not from New Orleans, I'd have to say Brennan's is the best. Their breakfasts are decadent, lengthy affairs -- and they serve booze, at breakfast, not "brunch," every day!

    I'd have one of the soups for starters, probably turtle. Then on to Oysters Benedict or Eggs Hussarde. Finish with the strawberry crepes.

    Closer to home, when in NYC I go to Barney Greengrass on the Upper West Side and buy smoked fish, spreads and bagels and enjoy that with either champagne or hot tea in my hotel room.

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      An almost absolute ditto on Brennan's. I was last there in 1977 with my GF, her sister and sister's BF. Breakfast commenced with the Bloody Mary's (how many, who knows?), followed by the Oysters Benedict, shrimp cocktails, champagne, Eggs Hussard (with one Eggs Sardou) and Banana's Foster for dessert followed by coffee and a few Scotch Milk Punches to get us ready for our wobble around town. How I remember this, I'll never know.

      My accolade for the most memorable local fare goes to the Fountain Room at The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. No one has come close.


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        In our house, that would actually be brunch: Breakfast is how we refer to brunch without any booze. :-)

        1. re: mattwarner

          Ahhh....and at what hour does booze become brunchable?

          1. re: Chefpaulo

            Noon...and as they say "It's got to be noon somewhere!"

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              I'd say about 10 on a Sunday for a memosa.

          2. re: Chefpaulo

            I loved Brennan's baked apple and brandy alexanders after my $30 omelete. Good times. Wish I remembered it.

          3. re: shaogo

            mmm, the smoked sablefish at Barney Greengrass' is outstanding, but as far as best breakfast places go my vote is for M Henry's in Chicago

          4. My absolute favorite breakfast/brunch dish is the Devil's Mess at Millie's Diner here in Richmond, VA. It's described as an open-faced omelette of spicy sausage, onions, green peppers, garlic, tomatoes and mild curry, finished with melted white cheddar and avocado. Served with their home fries and the plate garnished with Siracha, it is what breakfast was meant to be.

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            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              Millie's Diner is wonderful for a range of dishes such as the Devil's Mess. I love places where they put their own creative stamp on a dish as opposed to doing just another omelet, pancake stack or french toast, no matter how well prepared.

              My one beef with Millie's, if I recall correctly, is that it does not open early on weekdays for breakfast. What a shame, as I would eat there every time I travel to Richmond for business.

              1. re: brentk

                No, it does not. My husband wishes it did too :-)

              2. re: Janet from Richmond

                Oh, my, you've described my dream breakfast. That is certainly worth a drive from NoVa.

              3. Snooze in Denver, Colorado. I'd get pancakes to start with. Pineapple upside down pancakes with whipped cinnamon butter and creme anglaise or Peach pancakes with candied ginger, vanilla creme sauce and ginger butter. Then I'd get the porks benediction. A cheesy polenta cake topped with shredded pork and a perfectly poached egg. Topped with a green chile sauce instead of hollandaise, served with a side of hashbrowns. Of course I'd have to have a mimosa while I'm waiting.

                1. The Lodge At Pebble Beach overlooking the 18th Hole Pebble Beach Golf Links. Menu would be:

                  Fresh Squeezed Juices
                  Fresh Brewed Coffee.
                  Fresh Seasonal Fruits with Yogurt
                  A Small Cheese Omelet with Bacon
                  Assorted Fresh Baked Muffins and Croissants
                  A Small Bowl of Oatmeal with Fresh Cream

                  1. The Silver King Lodge on the Anchor River, Anchor Point AK, about 40 years ago (since we're dreaming here anyway): a platter of hash browns, eggs, bacon and a slab of salmon, hot rolls and butter, with a plate on the side bearing a short stack of sourdough pancakes. Or else the Waiohai Hotel, next to Poipu Beach on Kauai, also gone (thanks, Hurricane Iniki): a huge open-air roofed pavilion with serving islands for each kind of dish - meats here, eggs here, cereals and potatoes here, fish and seafood here, and fruit everywhere, all GOOD, not just plentiful, and priced accordingly (thanks, Dad!).