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Private dining in wine cellar for 15-18 people?

For my dad's 60th birthday - willing to go high end in terms of price (but not low end in terms of food quality!), but it's been hard to find a place that will seat more than 14.

Looking for something below 23rd street in Manhattan preferably, but willing to accept other ideas. Everyone is from the area - most live in the suburbs but know NYC dining pretty well. A restaurant that is hip but cozy would be perfect.

Non-wine cellar space suggestions would be great, too, as long as there's something interesting about them (chef's table, etc.).

Unfortunately, this is for mid-December, prime holiday party season.


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  1. Il Buco has a wine cellar that seats 20.

    1. If you are willing to go to nearby Brooklyn (one stop from Manhattan on the D/N and a few more on the 4/5/Q/M/R) try Convivium Osteria. Mediterranean (Italian/Portuguese). Good food, moderate pricing, private wine cellar dining.

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        The harrison has a private wine cellar room downstairs. It looked like room for 18, don't know how much room you need.

      2. Eleven Madison Park has a smaller private dining room for 18 (and a bigger one for up to 32). I've never eaten in either space, so I couldn't tell you what they look like. (I think they might be upstairs in a clear, glass-walled room with curtains, if this matters to you. But please call the restaurant to corroborate.)

        Further uptown, Del Frisco's steakhouse in the upper W. 40s has a very pleasant wine cellar for parties around your size. The food -- in particular the aged steaks, tho not so much the sides -- is actually quite good for a chain restaurant.

        In the same area, Red Eye Grill and Prime Grill both have a few private dining spaces, too, which might fit your group. The food at Prime Grill is excellent (and kosher). It's been too long since I ate at REG for me to tell you much about the food, but I don't remember it being objectionable.

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          I had lunch at Red Eye Grill in early September. It was so unmemorable I no longer remember what I had. (Actually, I think it was some fish dish that they messed up with some topping or something. And the lobster roll someone else ordered got a thumb's down.)The service was also rather inept. Maybe dinner is better but if it were me, I wouldn't want to take a chance, especially for a special birthday event.

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            Sounds like it might be a good thing I don't remember more. ;)

            Something else that might affect the OP's decision: Our group of about 20-25 (IIRC) was able to order only off of a prix fixe menu. I suspect that was a requirement for groups that size.

        2. Not a resto or wine celler but NY Vintners on Warren St does private dining parties. With a chef that cooks right there in front of you. The place will fit 18 people very comfortably. I was there yesterday for a wine tasting with 30 people. THey make GREAT fresh pasta

          1. It is not below 23rd street, but 21 Club has an incredible wine cellar- I think it would be exactly what you're looking for......

            1. pasanella and sons is a great spot for a party. i went to a 30th bday party in the back room, such a great space in the back of a hidden wine shop. check it out.

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                Macelleria in the Meatpacking District has a wine cellar, and a meat locker, you can rent either for private parties: /www.macelleriarestaurant.com/

              2. maybe downstairs at inoteca-or maybe the new one on 23rd has other spaces.
                Aroma has a downstairs space too, but I don't know a lot about it

                1. not below 23rd, but remi has a cehds table.

                  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! It turns out there will be a few people out of town, so it's only 15 people. This has opened our options up a bit. It seems that 14-15 is the cutoff for many places.

                    We're thinking of squeezing into wd-50, which has a table for 14 in their wine cellar. Will let you know how it goes!