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Oct 25, 2009 12:22 PM

Vinaigrette- a new store (MSP)

I stopped by Vinaigrette today, a new vinegar and oil store at 50th and Xerxes and loved it. It is a small store with about six vinegars and 18-20 olive oils to taste and purchase. They offer bread to taste with and everything is available to taste. They also have some soda to taste a couple of the vinegars with as they make good sodas.

They sell everything in bulk. Basically you can purchase anything in either small or large bottles that they fill on site. The bottles can be brought back and refilled at a discount. They also have some paintings for sale and some olive oil based skin and hair care.

I ended up purchasing a Porcini Mushroom Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a really nice balsamic vinegar. I ended up talking with the owner (I assume) for quite awhile. They are willing to open up their space for small events and had a couple other vinegars that weren't out yet. The actual grand opening will be on November 7th and they will have chefs in there doing demos.

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  1. Can you give us an idea about pricing?

    And do they only carry balsamic vinegar? That seems a bit specific and a little odd.

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      Small bottles, I think 375s, range from $10-$20.

      And yes, right now there were only balsamics. But the woman I talked to said something about champagne and merlot vinegars that were about to be available. I think it was merlots, for sure champagne. My guess is that they are just getting started and will build stock as they go.

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        MplsM ary - we at Vinaigrette carry balsamic as well as chardonnay white wine vinegar, cabernet red wine vinegar and champagne vinegar - all from St. Helena in California. We had just gotten them delivered on Friday - but our containers weren't delivered till Saturday and we sanitize the containers which takes a few days to complete. But you can taste them! We are always looking to add to our selection. We feel it is important to have relationships with the individual vineyards so we will add to our selection as we grow relationships.

      2. These seem to be growing in popularity, and each store seems to source their stuff directly from an Italian manufacturer. Is the one large manufacturer stocking all of these storefronts, using owners as de facto franchisees?

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          Kevin47 - I will note that these types of stores are growing in popularity. However, many of them are independently owned and operated. What I can tell you is that Annona Gourmet and the Olive Grove both source their oils from the same place - Veronica Foods out of California. We (Vinaigrette) have relationships with the individual growers. I'd be more than happy to walk through our regions and families that we get our oils from - Please stop in!

        2. The original comment has been removed