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Oct 25, 2009 12:22 PM

Where can I find grass fed cow milk in San Gabriel Valley?

I have been buying organic milk when I go to the market, but I would like to go further and buy milk from cows that have been grass fed and raised responsibly. I have been to a few farmer's markets, but I have not seen them available. I'm still looking around, but does anyone have any information? It seems like there are places on the westside, but I prefer to have to travel so far out (I live in Pasadena.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. You may know this but "grass fed" is really a seasonal feed. Most "grass fed" is also fed hay/forage in the winter. I am guess you are really trying to find a non confined, not corn fed milk. I think organic valley is one of the highest quality organic milks that is pasturized.

    For true grass fed, you'll probably need to go to one of the raw milk folks. They practice exclusive "grass fed" with rotational crops. Organic Pastures sells at various farmer's markets. There is one other. Some WF carry it. It is extremely high quality milk and delicous to book but quite expensive because of the expense of land managment and the extreme, extreme regulatory burden imposed by the state.

    Raw milk is illegal in most states. California makes if legal but regulates it do death.

    1. For pasteurized milk you might want to check out Straus milk sold at Whole Foods:
      I personally drink Organic Pastures raw milk which is grass-fed. It it much cheaper at the farmers market then whole Foods. It's $7 for half a gallon at the market, and $11 for it at Whole Foods. They sell it at the Hollywood farmers market, the Saturday one in Santa Monica, I think the Wednesday one also. Here's there website:

      Farmers Market
      6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

      Hollywood Farmers Market
      1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

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        Organic Pastures recently opened a "hub store" where they basically sell their products from an industrial parking lot out of the back of a truck. Aside from buying directly from the farm outside Fresno, this is the cheapest way to buy their milk.

        Hub Sale Saturdays Only

        Hours 10:00am - 1:00pm
        Closes Promptly at 1:00pm

        3040 Rosslyn st. Los Angeles, CA 90065

        HUB Price List

        1/2 gal milk $6.00

        1/2 gal skim $3.00

        Cream $8.00

        1/2 lb. butter $5.00

        1 lb. butter $10.00

        1/2 lb. cheese $5.00 (personally, I think they should stick to milk... their cheese is not very good)

        Colostrums $8.00 (small bottle)

        Super choco $8.00 (CA regulations require all products labeled chocolate milk to be pasteurized so this this salled "super choco colostrum" or some such thing)

        Qephor $6.00 (it's kefir, but CA regulators do not allow dairies to sell it unpasteurized and still call it 'kefir')

        Kombucha $2.00

        Mr Taster

      2. In Whole Foods, I'll buy Claravale Farm because I prefer the taste of their milk to Organic Pastures. Claravale is not certified organic, but they follow organic practices. Also, their Jersey cows are not 100% pasture-fed (explanation on their FAQ), but they do feed them a wonderful diet.

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          1. The Friday night Monrovia Farmer's Market has a guy selling raw milk. I have not tried it, but I do love raw milk. Not sure if it is grass fed or not. Since you are in Pasadena, it is close and worth checking out. He moves around a bit, but is usually on the southern end of Myrtle (closest to the 210). Good luck!