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Oct 25, 2009 11:07 AM

Anchorage - can I find fish packed to take home?

I will be in Anchorage in December for 24 hours and would like to get some fish packed to take home - halibut or whatever is fresh. Any suggestions?

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  1. My best friend used to live inland in Fairbanks. She often sent me very fancy packages of smoked salmon, which consisted of foil packets of the fish, in stained but unfinished boxes of a lightweight wood, inlaid with glazed white ceramic tiles bearing Haida motifs (totem animal representations) in red and black . I much preferred the boxes to their contents, not being a fan of heavily-smoked foods. Whether or not you can get fresh fish, I wouldn't know, but certainly you can get smoked.

    1. New Sagaya (local upscale-ish grocery chain) will do it.

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        New Sagaya is a great place. We'd ordered & paid for a few pounds of frozen crablegs a week before we'd be leaving Alaska, as we were going to Nome & Seward & weren't going to be back in Anchorage with much time to stand in line (please don't mis-read that. The lines are short but we didn't know that in advance). When we picked up our order the guy looked at what we'd paid a week earlier, said it was on sale today, & promptly wrapped up more for us so we essentially paid the lower sales price. Amazing. & the crablegs were too.