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Oct 25, 2009 10:57 AM

One night in London

We will be passing through London on our way to Africa on December 23. Any recommendations for a wonderful dinner in London? We have a reservation at fifteen now...but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! Looking for great food, comfortable and not terribly expensive. We are staying the Knightsbridge area.

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  1. Fifteen is on the other side of London to Knightsbridge, and I would say there are plenty of better dining experiences on offer in London - was there a particular reason for going there? There are many threads on the board for recommendations, but for about the same price (but much better value and food) I would suggest Wild Honey, Le Cafe Anglais, Hereford Road or L'Autre Pied.

    1. There are some comments about Fifteen here:

      It's a useful site and if you are going because it's run by Jaime Oliver, then I'd think again. As said above, there are many other better selections in London.

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        thanks to both of you for your input...I am going to check out the 4 listed above.

      2. I agree with the Wild Honey and L'Autre Pied suggestions as very good. Arbutus is another possibility (sister to Wild Honey), as well as Maze. If you don't mind a little travel across the cirty, one of the most unique experiences in London and anywhere, really, is St. John, with Fergus Henderson's use of all parts of the animal in his cooking. The roasted bone marrow is the best that I've had, and it's the one must-try thing on the menu (it's the only thing always on the menu). If you don't like meat, it's not for you.

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          Thanks to everyone...some great suggestions. I have been to St. john and love it; however, its not my husband's kind of place...I just booked Wild Honey and cancelled fifteen...the menu looks delightful! I'll give a report. thanks again.