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Oct 25, 2009 10:06 AM

College Road trip to Chitown

I am a student at Penn State and will be traveling to Chicago this weekend for the Penn State-Northwestern Game. We will be in Chicago on friday and around Evanston on Saturday. I already have some ideas for Deep Dish and Hot dogs, but I am looking for other recommendation's on must have food while in the area. Although I am willing to spend a little money, I am still a college student, so the cheaper the better. Also, any recommendation on bars would be great as well. Thanks!

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  1. Recommendation #1:
    You'll definitely want an Italian Beef sandwich or a Combo while you're here.
    A combo is a beef sandwich with an Italian sausage in/on it as well. Look at some threads for beef sandiwiches. If you can find no clear cut choice for you to get one in whatever area you will be in, try Portillo's (various locations.) When you order a beef or a combo, the first question you'll get is "do you want any peppers?" "Hot" will normally be an oily concoction of hot peppers, oil, and a few other chopped veggies, and "Sweet" will be steamed green bell pepper sections. If you'd care for either, they'll be placed on top of your sandwich.

    Rec #2:
    Transfer schools. One of our fine institutions of higher learning will learn you real good that an apostrope and the letter s is not the way to pluralize the word recommendation.
    Oh, relax!

    P.S. NW is gonna kick your butts!

    Seriously tho, some other ideas for cheap (but stellar) eats:
    Char grilled steak tacos/burritos
    INDIAN FOOD! Let me repeat: INDIAN FOOD!!!! Devon avenue.
    Polish Food.
    Vietnamese food.

    If these interest you, please speak up.

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      Ha, thanks. I said I was a student, not a very good one apparently.

    2. 1.) Devon Avenue (6400 North) around Western (2400 West) is the heart of the Indian-Pakistani neighborhood with dozens of inexpensive restaurants. At lunch a lot of them offer an all-you-can-eat buffet for around $10. 2) 3121 Milwaukee Avenue (one block south of Belmont) is The Red Apple, an all-you-can-eat Polish smorgasbord, probably 50 or 60 items of delicious Polish home cooking, around $10. 3) PS Bangkok, on Clark a couple of blocks north of Belmont, has an excellent all-you-can-eat Thai brunch on Sundays, about $12. 4) Saturday night is Hallowe'en so the bars will all be jumping. One jumpy area is Division Street (1200 North) between State and Dearborn, but Clark, Broadway, and Halsted, all roughly between Addison and Diversey, will be very active. To see menus, prices, address, hours etc on any Chicago restaurant go to "restaurant menus Chicago"---shows menus of >3000 restaurants.