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Oct 25, 2009 09:05 AM

Demonstration Kitchen in Toronto?

I'm looking to rent our a kitchen space in Toronto to hold an Indian cooking class. Anyone know of any venues that rent our their demo kitchens?

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  1. The new Miele demo kitchen on the upper floor of the South St. Lawrence Market is beautiful, and according to their website it is available for event functions:

    1. There is Calphalon Culinary Center on King and Spadina. Usually they have there own classes but I guess they rent it out as well.
      Toll Free: 877-946-2665

      1. Some of the Loblaws have a demonstration kitchen that I think is available for rentals.

        1. I would second both the:
          Miele kitchen at St Lawrence - great space with a lot of flavour.
          Loblaws community kitchens - in almost every store so you could find one close to you, they are however maybe a little lifeless...

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            Just so everyone knows, the venue at St. Lawrence Market (south building) is called The Market Kitchen. It is a lovely, very modern space (but with the outside wall of the original city hall as its exposed-brick feature wall) on the upper, mezzanine level, with a sweeping view of the main-floor marketplace below.

          2. I recently attended a demo at George Brown in one of their kitchens that had obviously been rented out. From the descriptions, The Market Kitchen sounds more visually impressive but GB was well-equipped and might be cheaper.

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            1. re: Carruthers

              Great. Thanks for all the info! So far the Market Kitchen is looking like the most appealing option. But i'll definitely check out the others as well to compare.

              1. re: LurveToEat

                Can you please let us know what the rental prices are?