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Oct 25, 2009 08:03 AM

Best Pozole in Dallas

...and Menudo. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes. Any one of the good Mexican restaurants on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff. But, go soon because they're dropping like flies because of the high rent and some landlords refusal to allow alcoholic beverages in their restaurants.
    That said, I'd try Restaurant Gonzalez. They're not going anywhere judging from the brisk business they're doing. And, their food is great! Check out their website. Despite appearances, this not a "gringo" Tex-Mex restaurant.
    Also, try looking for what you want at,
    It's a very good local Dallas food blog.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      What is gringo tex mex?

      My mother wasnt gringa, nor were my grandmothers...where does this thinking that tex mex is gringo food?

      1. re: twinwillow

        It sounds like he just wanted a definition of gringo tex mex, no need for that kind of commentary, especially towards someone who is from San Antonio. I'd imagine he is pretty familiar with the style, and he's even shared a couple tips that have really helped me out in the past week.

        SAguy, I'd say Mi Tierra would qualify as a gringo tex mex place. Some of these places may have once been local legends, some focus on the uptown types, but they have one thing in common: they're generally "safe" bets and the food is pretty generic.

        Got dragged over there because the guy at the front desk said "all the folks from out of town love it," and a group of us from the conference made our way over there. I could've gotten better food at Taco Cabana. Practically everything was bland and had no flavor. The cheese enchiladas and fajitas were no good - and the beef with the fajitas was way too stringy and tough. Corn tortillas tasted like they had come out of a microwave. Flour tortillas were the only thing I liked there. Pure atmosphere above all else.

        Other examples I can immediately think of are Chuy's (Austin/Houston), Mi Cocina/Taco Diner (DFW), and Lupe Tortilla (Houston).

      2. re: twinwillow

        I just check out the menu at Restaurant Gonzlez...Please tell me what dishes are not Tex-Mex?

        Cheese and beef Enchilads? Crispy beef Taco, Carne guisada, Chalupas,?

        This the Gonzalez' Lunch Menu...

        Guacamole $5.95
        Bean & Cheese Nachos $5.50
        Beef, Bean & Cheese Nachos $6.25
        Supreme Nachos $7.95
        - (Ground beef, Bean, Cheese Goacamole & Sour Cream)
        Chili con Queso $4.25
        Fajita Nachos $8.95
        - Choice of Beef or Chicken, Sold Only in Full Orders.

        Taco Salad Small $4.50 Large $6.50
        Choice of Ground Beef or Chicken

        Fajita Salad $9.25
        Choice of Chicken or Beef

        Gonzalez's Lunch Menu

        Served with Rice, Beans & (1) Handmade Flour Tortilla Served with Iced Tea or Medium Sorft Drink

        No. 1 (1) Beef Enchilada $4.75
        No. 2 (3) Cheese Enchiladas $5.30
        No. 3 (1) Crispy Taco $4.75
        No. 4 (1) Chicken Enchilada $4.75
        No. S Came Guisada $5.95
        No 6 (1) Cheese Enchilada
        (1) Beef Crispy Taco $7.25

        To Go Cups .25 cents each
        No Substtutions - Dine In only
        Monday-Friday 11:00a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

        Please explain which dishes are Tex-Mex and which are Real Mexican?

        1. re: SAguy

          The guisada looks pretty real. I noticed you left off the 'tacos nortenos', they looked pretty good. I could care less, I am hungry.

          I will have a number S and a to go cup.

          Dallas "doesn't get the hate always coming from SAguy" Dude

          1. re: DallasDude

            I have no hate...I was trying to understand why a lot of people discount Tex-Mex as a regional Mexican food...And I think I know why now...Most people think they know mexican food and the different regions, but most have only been eating Tex-Mex from Resturants...most have no personal connection to true dishes.

            even though, I would like the "experts" to tell me where they were eating Mexican food 30-40 years ago...when and where was the first mexican resturant that you dined at on a consistan basis?...

            Ive work in Dallas for months...I was far from impressed, but thats good y'all are getting some decent places to eat now...

            Dallas dude in not singleing you out, im jusr respondidng to the question ...Peace out

            1. re: SAguy

              Not sure what your point is SAguy. Are you saying that Tex-Mex is a regional Mexican cuisine? Are you saying it's bad? Are you saying you can't find authentic Mexican in Dallas? Or is it that most people do not know the difference between tex-mex and mexican?

            2. re: DallasDude

              SAG MAY be tired of all "the hate" on Tex-Mex food coming from this board. I know I am. The last time I checked, my dl reads TEXAS - not Mexico. So of course, when I go looking for a "Mexican" restaurant, I'm generally speaking in the colloquial sense, ie, I'm not looking for or expecting a meal that would be served from affluent or coastal areas of Mexico. I'd be in search of TEX-Mex.

              To make a distinction between piss-poor, chain Tex-Mex and family owned good tasting, fresh, quality Tex-Mex is one thing - but to generically dis all DFW Tex-Mex as inferior is a shame (on some of you). The topic is really wearing thin.

              I'm just curious if the Carne Guisada would instead read "stewed meat", would it then be scoffed at as "gringo" Tex-Mex.

              1. re: CocoaNut

                CocoaNut: I completely agree. It is unfortunate how little respect Tex Mex receives as a cuisine. I would say the same thing for American Chinese food. For the purpose of this thread, I was looking specifically for Pozole and Menudo (not items you would find at most Tex-Mex restaurants) and that may be the basis for the responses that say something along the lines of "this restaurant is not gringo mexican".

                1. re: demigodh

                  I agree Pozole is not a a traditional Tex-Mex dish, but Menudo con chile colorado is served in most Tex-Mex restaurants and homes on the weekends in the Southcentral Texas area. There are many restaurants that offer Menudo on a daily basis. I have at least 5 within my area of town.

                  I cant speak for Tex-Mex style restaurants in Dallas.

                2. re: CocoaNut

                  Good rant CocoaNut. And agreed 100%

              2. re: SAguy

                My favorite Mexican dish at Restaurant Gonzalez is, Guisado Puerco. Definitely not a Tex-Mex dish.
                As far as the dishes you consider as being Tex-Mex at RG, those same dishes at "gringo Tex-Mex" restaurants pale in comparison to those at RG.

            3. Thanks twinwillow. And yes, i follow you when you say gringo tex mex. that's great too but not what I'm looking for at the moment. Here's another question: where can I find birria? Jefferson Ave?

              Lastly, any suggestions for pozole and menudo not in Oak Cliff would be helpful. I'm in North Dallas. My go to so far for those soups is Cuquitas and that's largely because I love their tortillas but I'm lookin' to upgrade

              1. Thank you, "demigodh".
                I very highly recommend, Taquerias el Fuego at 1891 N. Plano Road just south of Campbell.
                Their food is fantastic and well written about. And, Included in, "The Best Taquerias in Dallas" list by the Dallas Morning News.
                Also 2 blogs about them here on Chowhound. Topic numbers, 605932 and 499700.
                It's a little gem of a real Mexican (not Tex-Mex) taqueria in North Dallas.
                Aquiles and his two sons run the place with his wife cooking in the kitchen and a lady out front making the best corn tortillas by hand right in front of you. Try it and let us know if you enjoyed it. It's my favorite place-anywhere in Dallas!

                1. Further to my above post: If Taquerias el Fuego doesn't serve what you're looking for, you'll just have to drive a bit further South to 4910 Capital at Fitzhugh (East of Central) for Taqueria Pedrito's. A really authentic Mexican restaurant serving the nearby Latino community. They'll have EVERYTHING non-gringo. very, very good and, cheap!
                  I also love, Taqueria El Atoron on Henderson. It's another little Mexican gem serving the latino community just West of Ross on Henderson. Their excellent tacos are only $1.00 each!

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                  1. re: twinwillow

                    More authentic taquerias and, birrierias as per, "The best taquerias in Dallas" by the DMN.


                    1. re: twinwillow

                      Not so much in Dallas (I read the post) but I had an excellent bowl of menudo over in Fort Worth at Tortilleria La Orginal De Zacatecas on 7931 Camp Bowie way out on the west side (Benbrook?). If you are at the Cowtown Farmers Market, I would highly suggest going. The tacos were also pretty solid. They have other locations on 8th Ave and also McCart Ave.

                      I went this past weekend to El Rancho Meat Market on Story just south of 183 and it was hopping. I only got the tacos but they had a buffet that looked very tempting (fresh chile rellenos, sopes, several guisos, and I believe there was also menudo. If they don't have menudo I know that Dona Lencha and also San Diego Tacos both on Story just a few block from El Rancho would have menudo if not birria.

                      If in Irving your best bets (neighborhoods) for authentic non chain type Mexican food would be Irving Blvd @ Nursery (East), Story @ Irving Blvd - Irving Blvd @ Pioneer (North Central), MacArthur @ Second St (Central), Grauwyler @ Nursery (East). I grew up in Irving so this is where I would go if I was on the hunt for something specific.

                      In Dallas Harry Hines between NW Hwy and Royal is going to be your best bet. I know that El Paisa has at least two locations in that stretch and I know they have menudo. There is a taqueria on the corner of Harry Hines and Lombardy that looks promising. Not sure if Taqueria El Paisano on Lombardy and Denton Drive has menudo but that have some mighty fine Tacos al Pastor and their table sauce is addictive.

                  2. I had lunch today at, Taqueria el Fuego. I noticed they serve menudo, too. My favorite dish there is their, chiccharone gordita. Outstanding!