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Chicken feet

I noticed the other day that my local supermarket has packages of chicken feet right there with the drumsticks and wings. I am considering buying some to make stock. I see from Chow and other sites that chicken feet are prized for stock. But I'll have to sneak them into the house! I want to make chicken soup for my daughter to take to school in a thermos but I bet she wouldn't eat it if she knew it was made from feet. Can I keep it a secret?

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  1. Claim they are Halloween decorations?

    1. "how'd you make the soup, mom?"
      "parts is parts"

      the feet are good for texture as they contain lost of gelatin, but add in some other bits, like backs, for more chickeny flavor.

      i used to bake chix feet for my dog and he LOVED them, lol.

      1. I've heard that the prized properties of chicken soup for fighting flu are especially abundent in the feet..... some very long scientific-sounding name, but the gelatin aspect is probably the same thing. Other cultures prize chicken feet to eat at the table and I've seen this though not partaken myself.... I've seen them in Korean and Central American markets for years. Next to the duck tongues which are also very special. We're just mostl all very whitebread here in the US!

        Can you tie them up in a bit of cheesecloth to disguise them a bit? Use a back burner? Let her play video games to keep her attention focused elsewhere? Play some old Little Feet???? Tell her mommy's drinking the rest of the cooking sherry right now, honey, so the kitchen isn't safe for a little girl til I'm passed out for an afternoon nap?

        You are going to remove them, aren't you? If you can't get her to eat it, promise her some turtle soup tomorrow! Made with a whole new bottle of sherry.....

        1. I did think of the Halloween connection, paulj.
          I think I will make stock in the Crock-Pot overnight with the feet, some other chicken parts and some onions, carrots, celery etc. I will strain it and throw the feet away, and no one will be the wiser.
          Hotoynoodle, your dog ate the feet _ bones and all? Would that be safe? Because if so, I could give my dog a treat instead of throwing the feet away once they've been used for stock. Or if the foot meat comes off the bones easily, I'll feed him the meat and throw the bones out. Early in the morning before my daughter wakes up.

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            Chicken feet are safe for dogs, just as pig's or calve's feet are safe. They are mostly skin, fat, cartilege, and some knobby bones that the pooch will crush easily.
            The dangerous bones are long and thin, especially chicken, turkey, or lamb legs, which will form shards when the dog tries to break them down.

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              yes, he loved them. i cooked them off til they were brown and crispy. i'd seen them for sale in a pet store and an entire package of feet in chinatown cost less than the two feet at petco. and mine had no preservatives or junk on them. don't worry about picking the meat, just give your guy the whole thing.

              lm, i have eaten, well tasted, duck feet and do not need to try them again, lol. very gelatinous and not my thing. i liked the duck tongues though.

            2. I can empathize with your daughter on the matter of "chicken feet". When I was a child, (a long, long time ago) and saw that my mother had put the chicken feet into the pot to make soup, I wouldn't have any of it....it just went "against the grain"! However, if I didn't know or see, I was fine.

              Now I am an adult......I still won't use chicken feet to make soup or broth ! I know I am being foolish, but it still makes me shudder to think about doing so !

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                I can handle feet no problem - but dipping into the bowl of soup and coming up with the head still gives me a start.

              2. Chicken feet with star anise flavoring are a Chinese specialty served in dim sum restaurants. I love them and usually wind up eating all of them myself, as no else at my table will touch them!

                1. My daughter, Dana Zsofia, just turned six last month. She sees chicken feet and heads going into the stock making all the time. Never an objection. And she knows that the stock goes in her favorite carrot and celery soups.

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                  1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                    good for her! and good for you to expose her to these things. I had a date years ago and he opened my freezer to get ice for his cocktail and freaked out because I had ziplocks of chicken heads and feet and parts waiting for stock. Needless to say, that relationship didnt last. ha ha

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                      That's funny! Maybe he thought he would be voo-doo'ed!
                      My SIL visited her Mennonite relatives in Manitoba, and told me about a delicious rich soup made with lots of chicken legs and an overload savory stalks.
                      I've always wanted to try that soup, but I suspect I would strain it and garnish.

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                      Yeah, my friend's young son is the same way with chicken feet.

                      He'll easily choose a bowl of chilled boiled chicken feet (and some Srircha) over a bag of Frito's or potato chips any day of the year. That, and his XBox are my weapons of choice when I'm asked to babysit.

                    3. The feet and wings make incredible stock, great flavor.
                      Do clip the toe nails.

                      1. Well, there's the obvious of why not get her educated about such things.... But, practically speaking, is she "around" 24/7, watching everything you bring in from the market, put in a stock pot, etc? Doesn't she go to school or to bed? Etc.

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                          I have purchased a package of feet and spirited them into the freezer. I intend to put them in the pot when my daughter is asleep, at school or at a friend's house. I think it would be great for her to be "educated about such things." But she's 11, an age where the fallback response to a lot of things is, "ick." Rome wasn't built in a day.