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Oct 25, 2009 05:47 AM

Needs some recs near Columbus Ohio

I will be in Colmbus/Pickerington Ohio for the next few days on business. Looking for some good food from spots enjoyed by locals. I am very adventurous with food so all ethic choices are on the board. I am not looking for fine dining just great food from small non chain places.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Great Vegetarian - Dragonfly and On the Fly, Pattycake Bakery
    Great Japanese - Kihachi
    Great Overall - Refectory, Rigsby's, Luce, Alana's
    Great Desserts - Pistaccia Vera, Piece of Cake
    Great Bakery - Omega
    Great Burger - Thurman's
    Great Locavore - See also Great Overall and add Black Creek Bistro
    Great Ice Cream - Denise's, Jeni's
    Great Pizza - Spagio, Luce
    Great Sushi - none, just go to Kihachi and order whatever they have that is raw.

    1. I would check out the Columbus Dispatch too, for their top 20 Columbus restaurants. I've been to Rigsby's often and vouch wholeheartedly. I've liked Barcelona and G. Michael's Bistro immensely in nearby German Village, very close to downtown. Both with great food and wines. Barcelona (now my go-to restaurant) has Tapas but the non-tapas Spanish is outstanding too- all is well executed+ live jazz on some nights. G. Michaels is cozy if you sit at the bar: a good light dinner is just two of their many appetizers. Stroll down the street from there to Hausfrau Haven, a funky, delightful gift and wine shop. For lunches try pricey but great deli stuff at Katzinger's on the same street (Fourth St.) as G. Michael's and Hausfrau. My wife gets to Columbus more often than me and loves the tuna at Mitchell's Steakhouse, downtown. I've been disapointed at Handke's Cuisine in the brewery district, especially given the expense. All the above have websites and are easily googled if you add Columbus, OH on the end.

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        Ohh, big oversight on my previous post: let me give a huge 2nd to Pistaccia Vera (also on 4th in GV) in uhockey's post. I happen to be diabetic, but if I ever wanted to do myself in, that's where I'd go. Fabulous desserts-only one bite for me, alas.

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          Handke's closed its doors - the food was good, the service.....not.

        2. Frank C,
          A great place to check out is the North Market -35 local vendors

          Third and Hollywood in Grandview:
          Sage American Bistro :
          Bono's Pizza: Literally in the back of a convenience store

          Indian Oven:
          Cucos Mexican Taqueria :
          Cafe Brisos : -great coffee shop
          Pistacia Vera : -Best desserts and pastries in town

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            He probably wanted these recs in October. ;-)

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              Chowhound is here for the benefit of the many posters (and lurkers) who use the site... not just for the person asking the question.

          2. North of Pickerington on Rt. 256 (juat south of Livingston) is Scali, a very good Italian restaurant with very family friendly prices and many homemade pasta, chicken and veal dishes.

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