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Oct 25, 2009 05:07 AM

How to try quince at its most elemental?

I got a yellow quince - I'm not sure which variety - and would like to prepare it as simply as possible so I can understand it's flavor. Most of the recipes I see call for poaching it with sugar and spices, or baking it with something else - what's the simplest way I can cook it with the least amount of sugar and other alterations?

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  1. you could slice it thinly and enjoy it with Spanish Manchego or Campo de Montalban cheese

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      You may want to peel it first. And poaching first is the best idea, since it's flesh is quite dry, tart and astringent. Flavor profile is between a pear & an apple.

    2. most varieties are simply too hard and astringent to eat raw. you can poach it in a very light simple syrup and test drive it that way.

      1. Quinces have a very distinct aroma/flavor, which is complemented by the spices. Still, if you want to try it "naked," just cut it in half lengthwise, place cut side down in a pan, just cover with water or water with a little wine, and poach till soft. I like to add a clove or two and a bit of cinnamon, but leave them out if you don't want to use them. However, I'd highly recommend at least a little sugar, which won't cover up the flavor but will make it taste really good. Plus, once the quince is cooked, you can save the leftover syrup. It's delicious over yogurt or oatmeal or drizzled on toast...

        I've been living and breathing quinces lately; I picked about 50 of them from an orchard nearby about 3 weeks ago. Just used up the last of them today, on jelly cooked with a few bits of orange rind. Turned out delicious.

        1. Aah! I have to get to the farmer's market to buy some quinces. I've only used them in chutneys and preserves.