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Oct 25, 2009 04:57 AM

Food near new Aloft Hotel, Plano

Will be staying there Fri. and Sat nights. Any good food? Love Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, but not pizza, French and regional American. Any good ,near-by breakfasts we shouldn't miss?

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  1. Naan (Korean) maybe, or Jasmine Thai (byob)

    1. SeaBreeze for awesome seafood
      LakeSide Market Center
      4017 Preston Road, Suite 530
      Plano, Texas 75093

      Thai at Jasmine Thai it is a trek across Plano but very worth it. Ask for Paul and order some items off the Thai menu (have to ask for it). The highlight of the menu is Crispy Water Spinach with a Dipping Sauce, Grilled Giant Prawns with a dipping sauce, and the Turmeric w/ Fermented Bamboo Shoot and Catfish Soup, Black Sticky Rice dessert
      Jasmine Thai
      2050 W Spring Creek Pkwy
      Plano, TX 75023-4224
      (972) 517-1677

      Mexican I would say Chitos way on the other side of Plano at 75 and Legacy. Luniz can give more insight on that one.
      301 Legacy Dr
      Plano, TX 75023
      (972) 527-2704

      Vietnamese Garland/Dallas/Richardson
      For Banh Mi I would still recommend La Me as the best....some like chewier bread or the grilled meats. I personally like a crusty bread with pate. Nobody does it better than La Me. For most other dishes I would highly recommend Nam Hua. Seafood Hotpot, Banh Xeo, Lotus Root Salad, Crab Rangoon (trust me), Baked Mussels, and Lemongrass Frog Legs have all been extremely good.
      Nam Hua

      La Me just remodled so the website is down - they are at the Audelia at Walnut in Dallas on the SWC, tucked away in the corner behind Hong Kong Supermarket and Bistro B.

      La Me'
      Suite # 140
      9780 Walnut St, Dallas, TX 75243
      (972) 669-8515

      It is a fairly new place, a modern look and crowded on the weekends. Last time I went with friends it was about $15 per person but we had four dishes between us. The first was oven baked Catfish which was excellent served with rice paper/ w hot water, lettuce, an array of herbs, bean sprouts and dipping sauce. A medium fish would feed 3 people generously and makes for a great conversational meal $28.95, 3 sizes available (medium, large and small whale). If that is not to your liking a Lau Thai Lan, a Thai style hotpot with mixed seafood (can specify what seafood you like or don't), water spinach and vegetable in a spicy broth. I heard it was very good and it is $26.95 served in the traditional hot pot way and cooked on a burner at your table. This also comes with a generous helping of bean sprouts, herbs, noodles, etc. For some interesting small plates or appetizers I would recommend Nem Nuong Cuon or grilled pork patty spring roll (2) $2.95, Chao Tom or grilled shrimp ball (2) $4.95, Bo Tai Chanh or small bubes of beef marinated in a lime sauce $12.95. That should get you started.

      Saigon Block - (Just off the NWC behind the McDonalds
      )2150 E. Arapaho Rd
      Suite 200
      Richardson, TX 75081

      I am out for the breakfast suggestions as I never eat out for Breakfast.

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        That Aloft hotel is pretty far up north on the Tollway and most good restaurants will require some driving especially for Vietnamese in Garland/Richardson. Jasmine Thai will be worth going halfway across Plano.

        Hotel is also not too far away from the Frisco location of Babe's and for brunch there is an Original Pancake House on 121/Tollway.

      2. I would recommend Isabella's for Italian. It is at Legacy and 121. I have eaten there about a dozen times and the service has always been very pleasant and the menu has surprised and been interesting each time. Their specials have always been very good.

        1. For Vietnamese come down Preston to Park blvd (go left, to Coit) and check out Pho2828. This family used to own Arc-en-ciel whch was one of DFW's best Asian restairants. Or try First Chinese BBQ at Coit and Parker, or Sechuanese at Coit/Tulane (very good!) Or Maybe Shabu Shabu acrross the street from Sechuanese (awesome!) or maybe Osaka at Preston and Park ($25.00 fixed price all you can eat dinner). Can't go wrong with any of these.

          For Mexican do the Ojedas at Park/Coit....awesome, only "real" place in West Plano. For "fancy" and atmosphere Mi Cocinas right down the street from hotel on Preston.

          For breakfast I like The Little Chef at Independence and Park (greek owned coffee shop, awesome little place with huge homeade breakfasts).