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Oct 24, 2009 11:33 PM

Great lunch in Oklahoma City

Driving through Oklahoma City. Road trip from west to east coast. We do not know the area but will by on I-40. Where should we eat for original experience?

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  1. I went to Bricktown.
    Lots of different restaurants there. It's not far from the Memorial, which is a must-see.

    You might want to also post in the Midwest section, since OK isn't really part of the South:

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      Thanks will check it out. We posted in both sections. Many thanks.

      1. re: regineczka

        Bricktown is downtown right next to I-40. Nonna's and the Mantel are good but somewhat expensive places in Bricktown. La Luna is a good Mexican restaurant close to Bricktown on Reno Street between Walker and Robinson. Leo's Barbeque is close to Bricktown and is very good. It will give you a unique Oklahoma City dining experience in my opinion. Earl's BBQ is right in Bricktown and is another good option. Cattlemen's is a good place to eat steak and is located on South Agnew which you can exit on from I-40. A lot of the really good restaurants in Oklahoma City are not right next to I-40. It all depends on what kind of food you want, how much you want to spend, and how far off I-40 you want to venture.

        Bigray in Ok