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Oct 24, 2009 09:47 PM

Looking for a special meal or 2 for visiting foodie parent (Van)

I come from a family serious about food. I have lived in Vancouver for several years and am relatively familiar with most of the obvious choices, the problem is so is my dad. I am looking for a meal he will remember, something different. None of us are opposed to dive spots nor are we opposed to formal restaurants, just looking for that memorable meal. He doesn't drink much, certainly no cocktails, but a good wine list will not pass unnoticed. No place overly modern or trendy (unless deservedly so). As far as food tastes in Vancouver go, he likes Vij's, loved the old Tojo's, loves Japadog, if you need more just ask, but I think thats it for Vancouver so it'll have to be elsewhere. Maybe a great place for whole fish in Richmond? West is a little bland. Maybe Maenam for lunch one day? There was also that northern chinese place that popped up here a month or 2 ago, my sister and I went and it was delish. Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!

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  1. If he hasn't been... Phnom Penh for their chicken wings and butter beef. Long's on Main for their drunken chicken and salty egg crispy rice. Peaceful restaurant for their beef roll. You can search this board for the specific threads. Other hounds have done a fabulous job posting pics of these dishes.

    I also liked the omakase at Octopus Garden.

    1. Fuel? They do a great job - unpretentious and delicious. How about Korean? Insadong in Coquitlmam (no winelist unless you count Korean cheongju.)

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        fmed just beat me to it by a second - I had to log in! FUEL. I'm not from yyc, but can't visit the city without going there. Ask for a tasting menu with as much local as possible...their own charcuterie, venison, etc... And great wine list, both bc and elsewhere. In my visitors opinion, the restaurant that best defines canadian cuisine.

        1. re: Dan G

          Or if dear old Dad likes pig, ask if they will have pork belly that night when you reserve. Ack, so good.

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            Fuel is great, but I am looking for something more special, something different, perhaps the Vancouver equivalent of Philly's Le Bec Fin or even DC's Duangrat's, is there such a thing here? (yes, I realize Duangrats and Le Bec Fin are 2 completely different places, but cuisine and atmosphere are of no consideration, just an out of this world meal) As much as I hate to ask for such a subjective suggestion, the best meal in the area, whether it costs $5 or $500

            1. re: andrew.b

              After Googling both of those establishments, I'm thinking Duangrat's Vancouver equivalent might be Phnom Penh (albeit Cambodian). Le Bec Fin's equivalent is harder to pin down....the closest is probably Lumiere.

              1. re: fmed

                I haven't been, but what about Bo 7 Mon at Song Huong? That would be an experience.

                I think fmed's right. Lumiere might be the equivalent to Le Bec Fin, though a much younger version.

                (Before seeing your response Andrew, I would have said Fuel would be my recommendation for what you're asking for...)

                1. re: peter.v

                  Akin to Duangrat is Alvin Garden (nee The Xiang) for some excellent Hunan.

                  ...and maybe The Pear Tree for the other?