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Oct 24, 2009 09:46 PM

Greenfield, Ma lunch Monday

My mother and a family friend are meeting me Monday for lunch and a hike in the Shelburne Falls area, (where I work). Nothing is open in Shelburne Falls on Monday, so we will probably be traveling to Greenfield or beyond for lunch, but I am not coming up with any ideas for lunch on a Monday. Hope & Olive and Peoples Pint are out. Thus far, all I've come up with are China Gourmet, Mesa Verde, and maybe the Wagon Wheel. Is there something great I am missing? Personally, I am fine with any of these three, but I sense that my mother would prefer something "nicer", only because she is coming out for my birthday. Is there anything in Turners? Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. I know that Thai Blue Ginger is open Monday. They're at 298 Main Street in Greenfield. We had a great meal there. Thai food is very flavorful and satisfying. Might that fit the bill?

    As for Turners Falls, I've heard good things about Ristorante Di Paolo at 166 Avenue A.

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      Doubt that Ristorante Di Paolo is open for lunch though they might be. In TF I would try the Rendezvous or the Second Street Bakery. Not sure if either are open Mondays though...

    2. People's Pint has pretty good food and exactly the type of environment I'd seek as a pre-hike lunch...why rule it out?

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      1. So where did you end up eating?

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          We went to the Wagon Wheel. It was on my mothers way home. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but their food is always really, really good. And it was this time as well.