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Oct 24, 2009 09:30 PM

Birthday Crab!

So I'm turning 40 and want to treat myself to the most amazing crab and seafood dishes I can find in Monterey Park or SGV.

Ive read the numerous threads on the board about the different restaurants, but it seems to all over the place (I guess typical right?). Some say Ghuanzhou palace and then others say that is subpar. Some say Empress Harbour is great and others say its BLAH.

Is there any seafood restaurant that is Chowhounders would UNANIMOUSLY agree upon being consistent in quality?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I have to add something else - I've really done my homework on this subject. I've religiously read the threads, and again, I just can't seem to find some kind of middle ground. Every single restaurant that is well reviewed seems to have just as many people slamming it!

    (For example, read up on the crab at Seafood Village....and there are so many people that hate it as well as love it....and 888 may folks say how great it is, and then tons of folks say its not worth the drive.)

    Again, I understand this is the nature of the Chowhound board - to read everything with a grain of salt. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would be happy if Chowhounds just recommended some place that is CONSISTENTLY good and I'll feel good about the 1 hour trek I have to make to go have dinner. Thanks again!

    1. 888 Seafood's crab is, in my opinion, excellent - IF you're in the private banquet room, as the aforementioned amazing crab is part of a 10+ course pre-set Chinese banquet. I don't recall having it outside of this situation. That's the best Cantonese preparation of the crab I've yet to taste in the L.A. area.

      My vote for overall crab & seafood, however, is actually outside of the SGV: The Korean seafood joint Pacific Fish Center (on the pier at Redondo Beach) serves piping hot, FRESH steamed crabs and live prawn, often with roe intact. Newspapers lining the tables, wooden mallets, bibs... you get the picture. Just awesome.