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Thanksgiving at home

I need to find a place where I can buy a turkey already fully cooked and ready to serve, and some side dishes as well for Thanksgiving dinner. I will be working the day before and on Thanksgiving day, so I will not have time to prepare dinner myself. Last year we got food from Boston Market, and it was mediocre at best. BORING!!!

I would prefer NOT to go to center city or South Philly. Anywhere else is fine.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give.

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      I have not purchased a cooked turkey from Whole Foods but i did use them for my fresh organic one year and I added an order for a couple of sides. They were really very good and if Boston Market is the yardstick I think they will delight this Chowhound. I was very impressed with how efficiently WF organized their Thanksgiving order and pick up process but you do need to plan ahead and schedule a pick up time. I checked their website and it seems that they are promoting only Oven Ready turkey or turkey breasts but I think it is worth a call or visit to ask if they will roast it for you.

    2. If you log on to foodnetwork.com there are restaurants that feature all-ready cooked turkeys.
      Last year around this time, I saw fried turkeys that looked absolutely divine.
      I cannot remember the restaurant but I do know that they deliver anywhere in the world.
      So try going to a website that features cooked turkey that can be delivered right to your door.

      1. Depending where you are, Wegmans is worth a serious look.


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          For the past 2 Thanksgivings, we have purchased turkeys from Wegmans (in Warrington) and cooked them ourselves but have bought all the side dishes from their prepared food section. All were wonderful!

        2. Feast Your Eyes Catering does a spectacular Thanksgiving menu through their takeout department; however, I think they will deliver:

          (If you're serving a crowd or hosting some vegetarians, the eggplant-artichoke terrine is amazing.)

          1. Bobby Chez.

            I'm not seeing the Thanksgiving menu on the website but I saw the flyer in the Cherry Hill store. Six locations in New Jersey and one in Philadelphia at
            1352 South Street.

            1. Whole foods usually has great sides ready to go for Thanksgiving. As for Turkey, I am not sure about a precooked one.

              1. I know you said you don't want to come to Center City, but if you can't find anything else DiBruno Bros is doing a catered dinner. Their prepared food is pretty good, so I'd probably go for them. I was in there last night and I think the sign I saw said about $35 per person.

                1. Chef's Market - which is no longer a market but still a caterer will deliver to you even though they are at 2nd and South

                  1. Not sure if there is one close to you, but a friend has used Geunardis the past few years for turkey and a lot of sides, and has been pleased! (We've been to her place each year for left-overs!)

                    1. We got a great pre-cooked turkey from the Acme in Concordville last Thanksgiving.

                      1. Where are you located? There is a tiny little storefront on main Street in Ambler called Sweet Bytes Cafe, run by a mother and daughter. I do not beleive they will have whole turkeys but they sell all homemade side dishes - sweet potatos, amazing macaroni and cheese, etc. Great desserts too. Everything is homemade and fabulous. You could get the turkey somewhere like whole foods and order some amazing sides and desserts at Sweet Bytes.