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Oct 24, 2009 07:36 PM

J Bubble Room

We are looking at spending a day in the Healdsburg area in November and one of our group really wants to visit J. The Bubble Room tasting looks interesting, but it is hard to tell from the website what the experience actually entails and I can't find anything on searching this site. We do like both Pinots and sparkling. Has anyone been there recently? Is the tasting and the food worth the $60? Is it enough food for lunch or just small tastings?

We visited J a few years ago, but I only recall them having small bites of food, so it looks like the concept has changed.

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    1. Did you see the menu on their website? It looks like enough for lunch:

      1. I guess it depends on the appetite, but I think you will leave satisfied. It's a really good time too. There are a couple of other places in Healdsburg that do food and wine pairings. Check out Williamson Wines just off the plaza in Healdsburg, it's a little cheaper and has different variety of wines