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Oct 24, 2009 03:01 PM

London. recommendations PLEASE

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to look for some great places to check out in London and feeling a little lost here, so advice will be greatly appreciated. Is there a separate forum for london alone? Sorry dont mean to appear lazy and not search, but there dont seem to be a list of must try places in London, instead I've mostly found rec for a certain type of cuisine or by location.

I'm lookig mainly for non-asian cusine (at the most we will prob have Curry or Indian food once), open to trying cheap places as well as michelin restaurants. Suggestions please.

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  1. Alwaha (Lebanese in Westbourne Grove) -- the grilled chicken is great, followed by chocolate ice cream at Artisan du Chocolat.

    Tasting menu at Trinity (French/Modern British in Clapham) -- the grouse pie was superb, as was a roasted partridge.

    Tito's (Peruvian near London Bridge) for the braised duck in Peruvian pepper sauce (Pato de Aji).

    Sandwich at A Gold (Spitalfields), followed by a Pierre Marcolini hot chocolate next door at Verde & Co.

    If cheese is your thing, The National Dining Rooms (at the National Gallery) has a good selection of British cheeses, the excellent cheese cart at Semplice in Mayfair (the restaurant, not the nearby trattoria) is a tremendous value, and La Fromagerie, a lovely if pricey cheese shop/cafe in Marylebone is also worth a stop.

    1. Finding restaurants in London can be daunting. I know how you feel. There is no separate forum for London so this is it. I'm a fan of Maze - wonderful food (tapas style) and a great experience. It's high-end but casual at the same time. Soho is full of interesting places - I often have a good Italian lunch at Princi... good salads, hot foods, too and good pastries and breads. Bentley's has a top chef and very good modern British as does Great Queen St - also Launceston Place is very popular with people on this board. Upscale Italian... Locanda Locatelli. The list goes on and on.

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        I'd second Maze. And I love the Wolseley - although the current renovation work/scaffolding in front is quite annoying.

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          Yes will def be checking Maze out (and put all the other places down for consideration) after seeing how highly recommended it is. By the way how's Fifteen? Is it worth checking out?

          Thanks for your suggestions guys. Ok back to the drawing board for now, will prob need more advice as the date draws nearer, Call me nuts but I'm planning my itinery/days around eating places instead of the other way around haha.