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Oct 24, 2009 01:15 PM

Flatbush Farm - really worth the money?

Finally had dinner at Flatbush Farm last night. I had been before for brunch, which was ok. Had not really looked at the dinner menu before sitting down, and was surprised by how pricey it is.

For the first course we had mussels, which were pleasantly spicy, and spaetzle, which was kind of bland but still edible. Our main courses were the bean salad and the duck breast. The beans were flavored nicely but undercooked. The duck was not bad, but nothing outstanding. Service was nonexistent, except for a terrible wine recommendation.

I can't say the experience was an entirely bad one, I just can't get past the $26 entree. Really? I feel like I could eat at about 80% of restaurants in the city for that kind of sticker price. Was I just there on an off night? An $11 starter followed by a $26 main should be more than just all right in my opinion.

The evening was not awful, I just couldn't help but think that I could be eating at Lupa for the same price, and having an outstanding meal, not just a passable one.

Do I just not get it, or is Flatbush Farm way overpriced?

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  1. I think you summed up Flatbush Farm perfectly -- I've always found it pleasant but unmemorable. I've ended up there usually b/c I was headed to other places in the area (Franny's, Al di La, etc.) that ended up being too long a wait. Flatbush Farm never seems to have that problem, and with reason. I didn't remember that it was as expensive as this -- but I agree that those prices are too high for what is decent, but unexciting food.

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      agreed. flatbush farm is not worth the time, and certainly not worth the money. there are much better options in the heights and the slope.