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Oct 24, 2009 12:50 PM

Edmonton Restaurant for Out of Town Guests

I have a few out of town guests here who want to try something new tonight. Last time we tried (and liked - the service was great, which was a relief after I'd heard people complaining about poor servers) the Wild Rose, and they've been to Skinny Legs and Cowgirls. I'm not really in the mood for the Blue Pear and was looking at something slightly cheaper anyhow.

Any suggestions? I was looking at Kai on Jasper and 109th but my brother says it's mediocre and the service is lousy. My brother's suggesting Bristro Praha, but has it reopened in a new location? If they're in the mood for East Indian I was thinking Origin India on Whyte (someone here recommended it for my birthday - belated thanks for that!) although I know some people swear on some Southside eateries although I don't know very many out there.

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  1. No, Bistro Praha has not yet reopened since the fire, AFAIK.
    A couple of suggestions for you (just shots in the dark really) Packrat Louies just off Whyte, Cafe de Ville on 124th, and Cafe Select downtown. I have always had consistent and good experiences with all three. Good food, not too expensive, and good service.
    I agree with your brother re: Kai - terrible service and mediocre food is exactly what I have experienced there.
    Another thought - Lingnan. Great for groups, and a fun throw-back to the 70's vibe with good solid Cantonese food.

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    1. re: MrsCris

      Is Lingnan the restaurant that was profiled on a television show?

      One option I was thinking of would be either Sai Woo or the Southside Pagolac (mainly for the novelty of eating Vietnamese surrounded by steak-house decor, although I do like their food) but that's a thought.

      1. re: Sylv F

        Yes that is the one.

        I suggest that you try Zaika if you like Indian food. It is the best Indian in the area in our opinion. Very new and apparently (we are told) very authentic. The food is excellent, the decor is very hip and bright. The owners are a young couple (the chef a bit older). We took some time to talk with them and they are enthusiatic. I read a blurb on them at


        the resto is here:

        As an aside, I saw some mixed reviews online (when I was looking for the website just now). I was quite surprised at some of the negativity. We eat Indian all the time and have already been here twice (and so have friends) and really enjoy the food. There is a very large is impossible to put a bit everything on one place.

        The buffet price at lunch (have yet to be there for diiner) was only $12! Crazy!

        1. re: foodiesnorth

          I don't think we're going to end up doing East-Indian tonight, but I MUST try that out. Thanks!

      1. re: alau2

        I have, but apparently they've been there before quite a few times.

        I just learned that they wanted to go somewhere with a good wine selection, so that narrows down my options again. (I'm not a wine-drinker either so I don't have a lot of knowledge of places that'd be interesting in that regard)

      2. How about to Dadeo's on White Ave for a Poh boy and some gumbo? The sweet potato fries are amazing, and the atmosphere is alot of fun...

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        1. re: retroville

          Dadeo's atmosphere is fun and laid-back with great service and beer, but i was disappointed in the food. I am really surprised at the rave reviews it's gotten on the board, and that generally recommended as THE place to go. The crab cake po' boy recommended by the server turned out to be all filler -- goo on a bun, and the fried chicken was bland at best. I'd go back for the beer and fried oysters, but i can't seem to understand the fuss over this place.

          1. re: caffeinated

            glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get dadeo...went a few times when I moved here and was very disappointed each time. one time, a po'boy actually came on a hotdog bun!

            1. re: Dan G

              I was a Dadeo Thursday before the Easter weekend. We arrived at 9:30 so near closing. The restaurant was almost full. The service was attentive in a manner suitable to the type of place. The combo plate that I had was very tasty with properly cooked scallops and shrimp, The deep fried oysters retained their oyster flavour and the veggie jambalia was a good blend of rice and veggies. I liked my first visit there.

        2. 1. Cafe Select - 106 street & 99 ave approx
          2. Soffra - 105 stret & 103 ave approx
          3. The Dish - 124 street & Stony Plain approx
          4. Viphaly - 95 street and 107 ave approx
          5. Cactus Club - West Edmonton Mall