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Oct 24, 2009 12:36 PM

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs- A treasure in the old Chicory space

Boy has this neighborhood ( and Brooklyn for that matter ) needed this for a LONG time. I have been a repeat customer regular of this place since they opened a few weeks ago. I was reluctant to visit given the name but one day a few weeks back I ventured into this newly opened burger joint in the space which used to be Chicory( Degraw off Clinton. ) After my first meal there I'll reconsider the name as I did have a rather ultimate burger.

I've tried the beef, turkey and vege burgers and all are perfectly done. To test their grill skills I've ordered rare, medium and medium rare and each time was given a perfect burger to call. They don't serve GIGANTIC burgers ( all too common at the "gourmet" burger joints and they don't serve sliders ( all too common at the pub grub joints ). They serve a REAL hamburger, the American classic. There are a ton of toppings and sauces to choose from. The buns are old school, doughy, small and what they should be- a burger holder. No artisan bread bs, no ciabatta bs, no toast point bs....but a hamburger bun a REAL hamburger bun. The burgers are served with chips and slaw. For an extra buck you can get tater tots ( something more restaurants need to offer). Drinks are standard fare- Boylans, no shakes, no beer.

I've been there probably 10 times and have yet to get a hot dog so I can't attest but they sure look great. A place like this doesnt need a decor or service review but its super comfy and the cooks and staff are very nice. I wish them great success. I have a feeling they are going to be swamped once the word catches on.

Its always the simple fare that is rarely pulled off to such perfection.

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  1. i had a burger from here a few weeks ago. it's a very quality spot and i do see myself going here somewhat frequently but i have 2 small criticisms:

    1. they need french fries. tater tots are all well and good in moderation (and UB's slaw is awesome), but they are not a worthy substitute to par-level fry.

    2. if they want to survive in this 'hood they'll need a few veggie options. last time i was there they didnt have a veggie burger. not sure if this has changed, but it needs to.

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      I don't miss the fries and TTs are a great substitute.

      They now have a veggie burger and its delish.

    2. We finally got around to trying this place this past weekend. I didn't they know they opened until recently. First, their burgers are fantastic. We tried both turkey and beef. Both were hand seasoned patties. You can see them in the refrigerated case; these are not frozen generic patties. Their toppings are all fresh. It seems to me that they make all their items themselves, right down to the tater tots and onion rings (both were very good). The dogs and mac and cheese were equally good as well. This is a place we will be going to often, probably replacing a lot of the orders from Cobble Grill.

      1. It looks like this place is done. I walked by yesterday and the place was emptied out, with an AT&T bill stuck between the door knob and frame. Sad to see it go. I really liked the food. But it takes more than that to survive in such an out-of-the-way location in the neighborhood.

        Prediction: In the spirit of Brucie and Karloff, another communal-table place will open here with a passionate small-scale chef. Just like Chicory was in the old days.

        Ultimate Burgers and Dogs
        243 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11231