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Oct 24, 2009 12:23 PM

Special Request: Picky Eater, High School Freshman, Birthday Dinner

My little sister is a high school freshman whose food tastes veer more in the direction of things like buttered noodles, cheese pizza and teriyaki chicken. It's her birthday tomorrow, and she wants to go somewhere that feels both fun and special. The adults in the group would like to enjoy their meals as well.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You don't give us an area to work with.

    What about a Chinese buffet type place, or a Benihana's? That way everyone can find something they like.

    1. Somewhere she can control the food... like Shabu Shabu (you can control the sauces and how long you cook it and with what you cook it) or perhaps a Brazilian Buffett where many party attendees (including herself) can get what they like?

        1. Long ago my mom took me to the Magic Castle on my 14th birthday, and I liked it. You could get in by calling ahead and saying you're press. My son likes the Brazilian buffets but he's a big meat eater. Ketchup is probably a good suggestion. C & O seems popular with everyone.
          Here's a thread with a couple of choices:

          1. Everyone likes lawry's prime rib. Don't they?