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Oct 24, 2009 12:00 PM

brunch and dinner

Hi LA Chowhounds,

I am visiting for USC Parents weekend from Boston and tomorrow is my birthday. My partner has chosen Tavern for dinner tomorrow night but is now having second thoughts. Campanile is booked. We don't have any restrictions -- wondering if you might have other suggestions for a birthday dinner for three people? Also, we are going to be at the Santa Monica Farmers Market tomorrow. Can you recommend a good brunch place in the area? The closer to the beach the better but we don't want to sacrifice location for food. I have been looking at your board and so far all I came up with is Anisette or Amelia's.

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  1. Tavern's food is great, why do you have second thoughts?

    Do you like sushi? In the same area is Katsuya, which is uber trendy with good food & cocktails.

    Italian? Loud & boisterous is Toscana. More sedate is Vincente's. All in the Brentwood area of Tavern.

    And I don't think there's a Farmer's Market on Sunday in Santa Monica?? (could it be the one on Cloverfield? the one on Arizona is Weds and Sats, unless they've recently changed??)

    The hotels on Ocean probably do a decent brunch, don't know your price point. Shutters at One Pico, FIG in the Fairmount, or Casa del Mar, across from One Pico.

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      There is a farmers market in Santa Monica on Sundays at Ocean Park and Main Street.

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        Aaah, okay, knew it wasn't the Arizona one.

    2. For dinner, Tavern is good. In addition tot he aforementioned Vincenti, there's also PALMERI and PECORINO, both good for Italian.

      Not too far is WILSHIRE, probably one of my current faves, esp if you can get the patio.

      Brunch at Anisette is nice. Agree with the rec for FIG and Shutters.

      I like HUCKLEBERRY for a simple brunch.

      A little farther into Venice, 3 SQUARE and JOE's both do nice brunches. One of my fave brunches in Venice though is at 26 BEACH.

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        Thanks everyone-- we'll stick with Tavern for dinner and we'll let you know where we end up for brunch. Appreciate your validation.

      2. Try brunch at Jar.. amazing pot roast hash and complimentary cinnamon roll coffee cake

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          You mean Jar on Beverly Blvd? Think the OP wanted to stay in Santa Monica near the farmer's market.