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Oct 24, 2009 11:44 AM

Soul food take-out for my birthday!! Where's the best?

Dealing with a restaurant is just all too much with teens and exchange student at home, all of us's my birthday tomorrow and I want Soul Food; esecially some fried chicken ...I'm southern -born even if Brooklyn is now home. Limitations: 1 Muslim so no pork in her greens (more for me!!) and it has to be open tomorrow (Sunday). Can anyone help? Thanks so
much in advance...

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  1. Saratoga Country Kitchen
    1991 Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11233

    It has the same look and feel like youre in the south. you have a lot of choices so no one is left out.

    560 Myrtle Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11205
    Also VERY good...Great for take out

    1. Mitchell's Soul Food on Vanderbilt is very solid.

      1. The Soul Spot on Atlantic Avenue near Smith Street might do you for. Open on Sundays:

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          We ended up going to Mitchell's.....fantastic! I was trying to decide between Mitchell's and Ruthies as both are close but was really in a fried chicken mood....and read on another post Mitchell's was supreme, so that was where we went. EVERYTHING was great. Yams maybe a little sweet for my taste but everyone else loved them. Never had better greens....and I am from south. My SO adored the catfish; the ribs were saucy and tender, the black-eyes perfect, the mac and cheese FINALLY not too overly cheesy and runny. And that chicken....oh my....

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            I also enjoy their short ribs, turkey wings and pig knuckles.

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              I'm going to have to try Mitchell's again. Every time I went I found the food to be way too sweet, dry and bland. It's the reason why I venture out to Saratoga Kitchen and Fish & Wings.