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Oct 24, 2009 11:12 AM

Utsav (Indian) in Vernon, CT

I have known about this place for a while and finally went last month. I was mourning the loss of Ambassador of India in Glastonbury and disappointed with other restaurants in the area that I heard were fantastic (I am looking at you, Priya in Rocky Hill). I have been there two additional times since and dear god is it good. The staff is super friendly, kindly offering recommendations, will alter any dish to your liking (increase or decrease the heat if necessary), and offering a complimentary dessert to share. We have sampled the vindaloo, shamm savera, chettinad chicken, lamb saag and rogan josh (amongst others I am probably forgetting) and I would easily recommend any of those dishes. The only thing I wouldn't reorder is their samosas. They have too little seasoning for my taste.

Utsav Indian Cuisine
575 Talcottville Rd, Vernon Rockville, CT 06066

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  1. Glad you enjoy it -- one of our favorites! They will make items custom for you, as well, including an addictive lamb vindaloo. Staff is wonderful, too.

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      We have been 3 times for the weekday luncheon buffet and it has been consistently excellent and virtual steal at $8.95. In addition to the usual steam table items which vary from day to day, you receive 3 pieces of tandoori chicken and naan delivered to your table.The best Indian buffet in CT IMHO.