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Oct 24, 2009 09:19 AM

Where to get sourdough bread?

Where can I get the best sourdough in town? Texas French Bread is on my list to try. It needs to be very crusty on the outside.

Also, does any place in town make sourdough sandwich rolls?

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  1. Sorry to say this but I have not found any good sourdough in Austin. The most decent breads I have found are at Chuys Bakery (not crusty as I like but decent) and the California La Brea bread baked at Costco and Grapevine Market.

    1. Phoenix Rising Bakery is just down the road in San Marcos. Breads are baked in a brick oven, very crusty if purchased the same day.

      1. Panera Bread actually has good sourdough bread bowls and rolls. Always seems soft and fresh to me.

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          i was going to say that, but was afraid of getting flogged. they make it fresh every day. loaves, rolls and bread bowls.

        2. Check out San Francisco Bakery and Cafe on Anderson Lane in the Village.

          Here's there website:

          I'm not an expert on sourdough, but I've always enjoyed it there. It's a nice little family run place.

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            i'll second san francisco bakery. that place is awesome, great soups, salads, sandwiches, and i love their sourdough bread

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              I will third this one. Try their clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl. Best one I have ever had. They also have an asparagus soup that is great. It is thin and creamy. Not some canned soup version. Their salads are alway fresh. Great teas also. All of their sandwiches are big enough to split. Have purchased bread to take home and have never been dissatisfied.

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                Another plug for San Francisco Bakery. I never really liked sourdough before I had it on a sandwich there and now I can't get enough. Thanks for the recommendation on the soups in the bread bowl; I've never had any there but will have tot ry it.

              2. We like the sourdough from Sweetish Hill. We used to buy it at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market, but we didn't eat it fast enough and it would always go stale before we got through the loaf.