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Oct 24, 2009 06:42 AM

Complement to a bouillebaisse

My SO and I are going to a dinner with friends. They are cooking a bouillabaisse. I promised to bring something to complement it. I do not want in any way to showcase anything - their dish is the main one. I did not say with, before or after so I have a free in that direction. What would you suggest?

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  1. Grilled garlic bread to dip in the bouillabaise and a nice salad. I had a delicious chilled salad similar to a nicoise- new potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, with vinaigrette and two anchovies. You could do something like that or bring a Nicoise salad. I'm not sure if its "traditional", but Nicoise and Bouillabaisse are both of French Mediterranean/French Riviera origin- one is from Nice, the other Marseille.

    1. I often make a simple saffron and fennel seed bread meant for dipping in the broth. It was a big hit with the hosts and other guests at a bouillabaisse dinner a couple of weeks ago. See here for a discussion and a link to the recipe:

      1. Every bouillabaisse thread gets my attention (it's my favorite dish), and I see Carswell has offered his suggestion of a wonderful bread. Its flavors are intriguing in that the ground fennel mirror the same flavor in the bouillabaisse. Plus, there's nothing quite like a chunk of great bread with a soupy stew.

        A simple butter lettuce salad with a classic (minimal) vinaigrette may be lovely, also.

        1. Garlicky rouille and some good crusty bread. A simple salad, as others have said.

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            Rouille (wonderful stuff) is usually considered part of the bouillabaisse preparation, or I would have suggested it.

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              I know, but it's made separately. And since I didn't read the OP thoroughly, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. Hey, you can never have too much, tho, right?!

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                I was concerned, perhaps foolishly, of stepping on the host's toes.

          2. Thanks folks..

            One rouille (Marseilles), one plain salad, one greek salad and the fennel bread. You can certainly smell the fennel in the kitchen. Didn't have any durum flour, but we'll see how it goes...5 cups of bread flour and two of wholewheat.

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