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Oct 24, 2009 06:13 AM

Chocopologie (Norwalk, CT) extends restaurant week menu thru Sun., 11/1/09

I received an e-mail from Chocopologie to announce an extension of their restaurant week menu--I would love to get there for it! Has anyone gone for RW?

Appetizer - Choice of:

Asian spice infused tuna tartar
Served on a homemade cracker


Wild Mushroom soup
Cream of mushrooms (portobello, porcini, and shitake mushrooms), topped with whipped cream, truffle oil and chives, crisp garlic toasted Focaccia

Main course - Choice of:

Lemongrass grilled chicken breast.
Chicken breast marinated with jalapeno, lemon grass, ginger and brown sugar, grilled and served with a gratin of mashed potatoes and spinach.


Hudson Valley duck with pommes rosti.
Breast of duck, baked root vegetables with fresh herbs, potato rosti.
Served with a star anis jus.


Flavors of the fall
A medley of the flavors of fall.
Baked apple tart served with pumpkin/caramel white chocolate mousse

Lunch 3 courses $14.99

Add a glass of wine

White: Urban Uco, Torrontes, Argentina $19.99

Dinner 3 courses $29.99

Add three glasses of wine:

White: Urban Uco, Torrontes, Argentina
Red: Borsao Monte Orton, Spain
Dessert: Dow's Port LBV $44.99

Tax + 20% gratuity will be added to the check for your server

Tel: 203 854 4754


Chocopologie Cafe
12 South Main Street
South Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

And yes, I am sure they mean tartare rather than "tartar" (I cut and pasted). :)

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  1. We went today for the RW lunch and had all of the above!

    Everything we ate today was delicious--but we both agreed, top picks were the incredible wild mushroom soup and the lemongrass chicken.

    The wild mushroom soup has to go down on record as one of the best mushroom soups I have ever eaten ANYWHERE. It was mindblowingly good, rich, nicely presented with the dab of cream and truffle oil on top. WOW.

    The lemongrass chicken was, believe it or not, served in a creamy sauce, next to an immense portion of mashed potatoes swirled with spinach. Very nicely done. The jalapeno flavor was subtle at first, then I could taste more of the heat as I was eating.

    The duck was tender and served in a sweet sauce. The potato rosti (thick potato pancake) had a delicate, crispy exterior and was fluffy and flavorful inside. I'm willing to bet the roasted vegetables we had were turnips. I never had them roasted previously, but was glad to have them as an accompaniment as I can't recall a time when I've been offered them as a side (except at home!).

    This is a fun spot. I enjoy sitting in the galley/hallway where there are windows into the chocolate-making area. Usually we see lots of work in progress. Not as much activity today--maybe because it was Sunday? I did catch a glimpse of some very cool white chocolate pumpkins, painted in fall colors.

    My partner, who rarely eats dessert (or has a couple of bites grudgingly) ate his entire apple tart and loved EVERY BITE. The tart was plated beautifully, with circles of a butterscotch syrup across the plate, the mousse on one side, and the tart on the other. The mousse didn't taste as much like pumpkin to me as it did of something tart, almost lemony. Whatever it was, it was exquisite. The tart itself was delicious and included a layer of ground nuts. The combination of flavors was incredible.

    On past visits, I haven't been able to resist their signature drink, the Chocopologie. But today, I overheard someone trying to decide between that and something called American Raspsody (not a typo!)...I took a look at the menu and decided I had to try it: a shot of espresso with a raspberry & pink peppercorn foam. INTENSE. It was truly something special.

    Oh, and as if I could visit Chocopologie and NOT go home with chocolates...yeah, right. My favorite was from the top shelf--lemon marzipan. TRY IT. IT IS CREAMY, FABULOUS and WORTH EVERY CALORIE. :)

    So after all my words of praise above, I'm sad to tell you I asked and the mushroom soup and apple tart are not part of the regular menu! I told our server that was a shame and she said she'd tell the chef. I can't imagine why a restaurant would serve a dish as great as that for a limited time only. I only hope others have provided similar feedback and they'll consider adding it to their regular menu.

    ALSO, the pacing of our meal was extremely slow. It took a while for our apps to arrive and even longer for our main courses to be served. Still and all, by the time we had the last bite of dessert, we both agreed everything we ate was worth the wait. Not sure if service is always quite so slow. I don't recall service being an issue on past visits. Overall, we enjoyed our meals very much and would love to hear if anyone else gets there for the extended RW meal. Oh, and the white wine they paired with the meal was a good choice, too.

    Chocopologie By Knipschildt
    12 S Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854

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