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Oct 23, 2009 11:33 PM

"Town" 3435 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816

I've been reading about "Town" - just got back from dining there for dinner. Some items were surprisingly good and others really disappointing. I've been there for late lunch and enjoyed soup and salad.

A party of four: we ordered the opah, mahi mahi and 2X Kulana strip loin beef medium rare. EVERYTHING was over salted! Was this a cover up? We mentioned to our waiter, who was very nice and accommodating, however no one from management came over to speak with us, and I guess we should have requested management come speak with us.

The salad with the buttermilk dressing was fresh and good, the arugula salad, ok. The nicest dish was the "home made portuguese sausage vegetable soup" which was lightly flavored and all the veggies were fresh and perfectly done. The ahi tartare was served on round toast and tasty.

Dessert: mango sorbet, choco-hazelnut gelato and guava "floutis" were good. I was so looking forward to coming away with gustatory elation but not to be!

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  1. As posted in another thread, I decided to call and speak with the Gen. Mgr. and also emailed them re: spotty service and food. They have responded by inviting us back on the house. Very generous and gracious

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      You have proceeded in a responsible way even though you wrote about it first. I think that the food at town and their service are both very good or I'm just lucky. I have eaten probably the whole menu there and when I have had an issue I brought it up directly that meal and resolution was immediate. Enjoy your next meal there.

      1. re: manomin

        Responsibility begins with the place of business. Seems a complaint was made at the time of service and the waiter/waitress did not follow through.

      2. re: Cousin Anna

        You mentioned your dissatisfaction to the waiter and he did not follow-up?
        I would have walked out immediately.
        This place sounds LAME considering what you ordered and there's no one from management coming over to check with you.