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Can you help me remember the name of these cookies?

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I used to get sandwich cookies. They were vanilla flavored and had a hole in the middle. Anybody have any idea what they are called?

I thought they were hydrox...but does Hydrox just refer to the chocolate sandwich cookie?

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  1. Hmmm....your question intrigues me. I remember Butter Rings (flat unfilled butter cookies with a hole) and, for better words, the vanilla Hydrox - like an all-vanilla Oreo - but a filled vanilla with hole eludes me. Are you sure you're not getting the two above confused?

    Manufacturing a filled ring cookie seems complicated considering you need the two contiguous flat cookie surfaces to compress the filling evenly. Then, maybe not.

    You got me on this one.


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      The filling would hang over part of the hole and I used to eat that part first. I think they came in a light blue bag...but I am not 100% sure about that part.

    2. Fudgetown? The original were all chocolate, but they had a "vanilla" version with fudge filling. Definitely a hole in the middle thru which the "fudge" poked out sorta' like a belly button. Made by the long gone Burry's of back east.

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      1. Fudge-O had a golden version for a while - called fudge-o golden - which of course makes no sense. Also I remember one from Pepperidge Farm but it was a golden cookie with a chocolate filling.

        1. Sorry...not Fudge-Os...

          Those sound tasty though.

          1. I remember having these ccokies for a snack in kindergarden. There would be a little bit of the vanilla filling that would squish out through the little hole. I think that these were fairly generic cookies. I have seen similar things in the supermarket in recent years, and TJ has a cookie called Joes that has a remarkably similar taste -- at least according to MY sense memory!

            1. hydrox were chocolate cookie with white filling. they had less fillinng than oreos and were less expensive. jfood kind of remembers a vanilla hydrox at some point but cannot swear by it. they did not have the center hole though.

              Fudgetown were chocolate cookie with chocolate filling. they did have vanilla fudgetwons with vanilla cookie and chocolate inside. they did have the center hole and the filling formed an "outie" on both sides. Jfood would push out the two-sided dimple, eat it first then place the cookie on his pinkie and eat around the cicumference.

              Oblong vanilla-vanilla were cameo cookies or vienna fingers

              There were also vanilla sandwich cookies...here is a photo


              jfood not sure if this answers the question tho

              1. I vaguely remember cookies like the ones you are describing. If the cookies are from the 70s, 80s or 90s, perhaps this website has them.