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Oct 23, 2009 09:39 PM

Baguio - Philippines

Hello All,

I will be traveling to Baugio in February for Panagbenga. I don’t know if this festival changes the food scene or not. I’ve search the board and come up with this recent thread

that seems to have a couple of good suggestions, but I’ll be there for 10 days!

I’d like a few more food and food related ideas. Breakfasts (if they do that in PI), lunches, dinners, street food, and day and night markets, etc. I’m not Filipino (USA) but will be with Filipinos much of the time but there will also be plenty of time when I’m out there on my own. If there is such a thing of dos and don’t when it comes to food, I’d like to hear those too.

That last thread was real thin until the OP came back to give the report, so I’m hoping you all can help.

I plan to do Vigan and surrounding area for two days as a side visit so anything there would be nice to know about. I'm mostly visiting with others so will be bound other people's schedules, likes, and dislikes, but will have plenty of my own time to decide on meals. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I haven't been to either Baguio or Ilocos in many years, and I've been told that the recent typhoons have wreaked havoc in Baguio, though the damage in Manila is better publicized.

    Anyway, you might be able to glean some information from this link, Market Manila is probably the best known food blog in the Philippines, and many Filipino food lovers read it and respond.

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      Thanks, I have been following that blog recently as well as a few others.

    2. I was the original OP, and I forgot to mention. . . I went to PKNY (PNKY?) Cafe for lunch one day. It was OK, but not great. The highlight was the side dish of potatoes. Potatoes from Baguio are very very good. Actually, all the produce from the area is very good, and the market really rocks! They don't really have food at the market (by that I mean street food-type food), just a lot of produce, fish, meat, etc. If you have a kitchen at your disposal while you're there, it would be a great place to buy stuff.

      I'll try to put my pictures from Baguio up on Flickr so you can see what's available. Don't hold your breath, though. I'm slow!

      Le Chef at Camp John Hay supposedly has a great breakfast. We didn't get a chance to try it, but based on the dinner we had, it's probably quite good.

      I wish I had been able to go to Vigan. I read a blog report on Vigan recently (I read it recently, but it may have been an old post). I'll try to find it again and post the link.

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        I know you were the OP of that thread so I was hoping you would chime in. I've researched the market and it does look cool. I won't have a kitchen but I wonder if they have vendors that will cook the fresh produce and fish on the spot?

        Le Chef is on the list for a larger family dinner meal, as is the other resto you mentioned at Camp John Hay.

        Since I'm going to be there for 10 days and I'm not going for 4 months, I hope this thread gets added to in the meantime. I'll report back on what I do regardless. I should be able to cover a lot in that time.

        Cafe by the Ruins is another I'll try I guess. It seems to be getting mixed reviews. Perhaps for lunch.

        1. re: Rocky Road

          Haven't put the pics up, yet, but here are my original posts about Baguio with pics (posted on another board). Most of the first page is about Baguio.

          Here are the two blogs with posts about Vigan.

          The second one links to the first post about Vigan, then you have to go through the archives to get the rest. But the first link lists all the posts from that blog about Vigan.

          I don't think very many people visit the Philippines at all (compared to other SE Asian countries), so it's really hard to find any good information about smaller areas in the Phil. Plus government departments are not all that organized, so even "official" information will often be out of date or just plain incorrect. It's a shame, really. They should have become an American state or protectorate when they had the chance.

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            Wow, thank you for the links! I couldn't open yours for a few times, but it finally opened now. I loved your markets picts, and all the others. I'll probably trace in your shadows so four months from now look for an update!

            I've already started to build my list of foods to eat in the Philippines (as opposed to, and in comparison of eating them in USA) and other stuff I have never tried. The Vigan blogs are awesome too. All of a sudden I'm hyped to go.

            I wonder how the festival will change things? Probably for the worst. Too many people I would imagine, but who knows....there may be other options because of that too. I have no clue, but it will be fun. I appreciate the response. I look forward to reporting back and I will have a camera in hand all the time.

            1. re: Rocky Road

              Festivals in the Philippines often have special foods attached to them, so while there may be some inconviences, you're right in that you may have other options available to you. Panagbenga is a relatively new festival, though, so I don't know that it will really be all that special food-wise.

              I forgot to mention, in Baguio Market I didn't see any place that would cook your purchases for you. We stayed mostly around the circumference of the market, though, so we may have missed any kind of food court-type area.

              One thing you can try in Baguio--if you're staying with people from indigenous tribes (they used to be called "Igorot", but it's a slur much the way the word "Eskimo" is), man's best friend (ahem. . . ) used to be a common part of their diet, and it is still eaten occasionally. One of my mother's cousins married an Igorot, and she said they sometimes have it at certain celebrations. If you've ever wanted to try it, this may be your chance!