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Oct 23, 2009 08:17 PM

Glamorgan Bakery, and the farmers market, Calgary

Finally went to Glamorgan bakery today. Was very hard not to try everything. Those cheese rolls ARE the best! :) I tried some of the donut holes. My reaction was "Where have you been donut!? I haven't had you in so long!" hehe they actually taste fresh made and fried in real oil. mmm I saw John Gilchist at the farmers market before that! He was book signing! And I had some ladybug Brioches and some other delicious flakey pastry with brown sugar and cinnamon. Yums.

Glamorgan made my day after the gelato at CFM was I don't know... off? Well it was too sweet anyways: out of chocolate, creme brulee, dulce de leche and strawberry my favorite was chocolate, likely because it had a dark chocolate bitter flavor to balance the sweetness. The strawberry was just plain nasty. Glamorgan is now my new favorite non-specific bakery(thanks chow!)

on another note, I am on the search for awesome parsley for tabouli. I found some at the market buuutt thats really far from home! I eat it at least 4 times a week, more if I have some parsley at home... Like greek salad, beet salad and borscht I can never get enough! I'm also on a mission to make grilld/marinated vegetables, any ideas?

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  1. glamorgan is such a treat. I should try to go there more often. Incidentally, they're running a promotion/contest at the crossroads market. There's a giant pumpkin there, and if you guess it's weight, you win a lifetime supply of pumpkin pie from glamorgan bakerie (actually a $250 gift certificate... i doubt that would be a lifetime supply for me :) and tickets for a flames game.

    re: parsley... Educate me: what is awesome parsley? How is it different than the regular and flat leaf variety that you can get at any grocery store?

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      ummm it's pointy and sharp and not limp, crispy as it were! yum!

      I think I'll ponder this contest ;)