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Oct 23, 2009 06:37 PM

ISO deep fried whole turkey

Anyone know where I might be able to purchase a whole deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving in the DC metro area, or better yet, NOVA?
We're having lots of people over this year and I've heard this is a great way of preparing them but I don't want to risk burning down anything.

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  1. For several years Popeye's has advertised the availability of deep fried turkeys around Thanksgiving. If you don't see an ad in the next week or two, drop in and ask the restaurant manager.

    1. I just this morning walked past a display at Home Depot of an oil-less turkey deep fryer. How can that be? Apparently it's not really a fryer, it's some sort of infra red cooker. Not dangerous like hot oil, and perhaps capable of producing a crisp skin. But what's the fun if you can't blow something up now and then? ;)

      I have a neighbor who frys turkeys. For several years she's invited me to bring one over and she'll fry it for me, but she's got a pretty safe setup in her back yard, including an overhead truss with a pulley for handling the turkeys.

      1. Market Poulty offers fried turkeys, but you have to order ahead. They have the sign up for them now, and I think it said that they start taking orders on Oct. 27.

        Market Poultry has terrific fresh turkeys. That's why the line - just to pick up the pre-ordered turkeys - is out the door of Eastern Market every year at Thanksgiving. They usually hire a security guard to keep things orderly and make sure that people don't jump the line.

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          Market Poultry does serve up some great birds. I think last year it was around 2.89/lb. Not bad for free range birds that has never been frozen. They do fried turkeys. Cost of bird plus $30 but remember they are not open on Tday. Have to wonder how good the fried turkey will be a day later. It could be great, like cold fried chickne, but I have no experience in that area.


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            My neighbor frys her turkeys the weekend before Thanksgiving. She says all that's necessary is to heat it up in the oven before serving. Since they're not stuffed when fried, fresh stuffing made on the serving day makes it all seem fresh.

            Once with friends we fried a turkey and it was OK, but none of us thought it was worth the trouble to do it again. Same with the Thompson's turkey we did one year, probably around 35 years ago. These days I get a stuffed rolled turkey breast at Trader Joe's and cook it in the Weber, or the oven if it's really too cold.

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              Never had one before but the one or two people I've talked to swear by them. Since we're having tons of people over, I figure maybe we'll get two turkeys, one traditionally roasted one and one fried one. Thanks for all the tips everyone.

              I saw that infrared "fryer" at Costco too but doesn't seem to be the same thing.