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Oct 23, 2009 06:25 PM

Karl's Sausage Kitchen Trip

Hi All - Thinking about making a pilgrimage from Concord Ma. to Saugus to pick up some smoked bacon and other delights from Karl's.

What should we not miss? Haven't tried the triple smoked bacon, but love the regular smoked bacon. Triple smoked worth the take? How does one cook triple smoked bacon?

Any Wurst's we should check out? Rost Bratwurts maybe? Polish sausage? Kielbasa?
Plan on getting some smoked pork chops, as well as some liverwurst.
Hot dog wise, how do Karl's stack up?
What are Karl's Italian sausages like?

Last question, mustard.
Love most kinds of mustards, but we'd love you input on which to buy.

Thanks All!


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  1. Oh yeah, this a trip I need to make too!

    The triple smoked bacon....bury some thick slabs of it in sauerkraut along with several other pork products (the smoked chops you mention for example, or "hot dogs"). Don't forget a good splash of riesling and some juniper berries, and hmmmm, a choucroute worthy of a cold autumn night. Those smoky bacons go well with any kind of beans as well, green or dried.

    I have been looking for and have not seen in a long time, the headcheese (Suelzer) from Schaller & Weber. Karl always had this, I assume he still does. Try it, it's one of the best versions of this available around here.

    Not mustard, but get some curry ketchup and some fresh sausages (ask them which are best for) Currywurst. I know they have the ketchup there and almost any brat or the like will do. Add a good pile of curry powder on top too and you'll have a classic Berliner street-food dish. Been thinking about that one for a while too.

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    1. re: Zatan

      I saw the Schaller & Weber headcheese at the Sudbury Farms store in Sudbury last Saturday.

      1. re: Zatan

        These people would be able to help

        Schaller & Weber of New England / Euroguild Specialty European ...

        397 High Plain St
        Walpole, MA 02081
        (508) 668-7221

      2. If you don't mind shopping on line you might find every mustard you ever dreamed of tasting right here:

        Have been ordering from them for years and have always had stellar service.

        1. I like the jagdwurst, pressed ham, veal loaf, nussschinken, schinkenspeck, and the dry cured hams. I don't think they make any of these at Karl's, but they're hard to find anywhere else. I just made chili with triple smoked bacon and hot Italian sausage from Karl's (and bison) and I liked it quite a bit.

          1. The hot dogs are the mild pork kind, not kosher-style garlicky.

            The landjaeger hanging in pairs over the cash registers are worth having. They are normally eaten as is (think of them as alpine jerky) but I like to heat mine up a bit in, yes, the m-wave (just a few seconds).

            And the pork chops are da bomb. You get to choose how many you want cut.

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            1. re: Karl S

              (with my lower lip trembling) Karl's thick cut smoked pork chops, I need a moment alone...

            2. We just did this trip last weekend and filled our freezer. I am especially fond of the smoked Polish Kielbasa, which made a fantastic navy bean soup for that cold snap last weekend.

              The coarse bratwurst is excellent, with a nice rush of flavor from the caraway seeds. I also love their ring bologna and of course, the regular smoked bacon.

              I also adore their cold cuts, especially the veal loaf and the beerwurst and the pepperloaf.