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Oct 23, 2009 06:22 PM

Best lamb dish in Brooklyn or Queens?


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  1. The Lamb dishes at TACI'S BEYTI, a Turkish restaurant on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn are all succulent, delicious, and freshly cooked to order. The entire Menu is a delight. The fish dishes are excellent as well Last time, we had the Swordfish, another time a grilled whole fish.

    The owner, and all the waiters, are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is festive, with lots of large families. Newcomers are made to feel very welcome.

    Ask for the "special bread". Not on the Menu, it is made to order and is delicious.

    The prices are ridiculously low.

    Taci's Beyti
    1955 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

    1. Not sure if its the best, but the roast lamb at Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Avenue is excellent.

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        I'm not with you on the Yemen Cafe. I thought the lamb was bland, gristly, and lacked any punch at all. I know people love that dish, and that place, but I am not one of them.

      2. I love the "cumin-scented lamb" at Grand Sichuan House, on 5th Ave (86/87th St) in Bay Ridge near the Century 21 store
        although I wouldn't actually call it Best Dish in Brooklyn the lamb I return to is at The Sheep Station bar in Park Slope -- $19 for nicely grilled rib chops, mash potatoes and minted peas - a very basic, timeless lamby presentation. They also have a delicious leg of lamb sandwich with carmelized onions. I nominate that for Best Lamb At A Bar.

        Occasionally, The Islands (West Indian place, near Brooklyn Museum) will have jerk lamb. The first time I had it, some guy was cooking and it was sublime. I watched him saute a whole fresh scotch bonnet pepper and a fresh tomato with their basic jerk sauce, slice some lamb off a roasted leg, and...heaven. The couple of other times it's been available have been good, but often too gristly and not the perfect storm of flavor that guy pulled off...

        Now, totally keen to try the Turkish place on CIA, thx!

        The Islands
        803 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

        Sheep Station
        149 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

        Grand Sichuan House
        8701 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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          Now that A Fan Ti is no longer what it was, imho the best are:

          The "Lamb Burger" at the Xian stand in the Golden Mall in Flushing.
          The Savory Lamb Noodles at the same stand.
          The $1 lamb kebabs on the NW corner of Main and Sanford.
          Lamb with Cumin at Little Pepper.
          Gulai Kambing at Upi Jaya (curently closed for renovations)

          1. re: el jefe

            Do not forget the Crispy Lamb with Chiili Pepper (and cumin) at Fu Run on Prince St. in Flushing.

            Or the Lamb with Chili Sauce at Hunan House!

            Speaking of lamb, do any Brooklyn or Queens restaurants serve great mechoui?

            1. re: el jefe

              Yes! I wholeheartedly second the "Lamb Burger" at the Xian stand in the Golden Mall in Flushing.

              1. re: el jefe

                The Xian stall is also located in Flushing Mall next to Temple Snacks. Double shot of lamb burger + Taiwan pork burger from Temple Snacks.

                1. re: MahatmaKanejeeves

                  I have always loved the rack of lamb crusted with pine nuts and served with cauliflower at Convivium Osteria. However, my favorite lamb dish is the lamb biryani served at Dosa Garden of Staten Island--the Village Voice rates DG as the best indian restaurant in the City. Their lamb biryani is up there with a classic risotto as one of the best rice dishes ever.