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Oct 23, 2009 04:43 PM


A friend recently had dinner at Tommy's and said it was very good. What say you? I had never even heard of it! What have I been missing?

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  1. We have not been in years but it was excellent back then. A group of us went and we all loved it. I'm sure you will get a more up to date reply than mine.

    1. Although basically the same menu, not nearly as good as Irene's.

      1. Been twice in the last 3 months. The meals were devine. Love the crabmeat canape and Fish Capri. Heard the Duck Tchoupitoulas and Veal Sorrentina are fantastic. Only problem I endured was a waiter that was hell bent on defining a speckle trout after I had already informed him that we were from New Orleans.

        1. We go there about several times yearly because Tommy's is just about perfect for
          this scenario: you have friends/family/clients in NOLA for a conference or event at the convention center & you have other f/f/c that want to meet you and they are driving in from
          the Northshore, Metry, Baton Rouge, etc. & this group is the type that wants & expects a very good meal but not cutting-edge meal & there will be a segment of the group that will want to continue to drink and socialize after the meal.

          Tommy's is perfect for this, as they have a whole bar area with different seating nooks, have valet parking, it is walking distance to the major CDB hotels & convention center, great bartender. Ask for Sergio or if he's busy ask him to select your waiter.

          Tommy was @ the Fairmont ages ago, then Alex Patout's, till he & his now ex-wife opened Irene's in the FQtr.

          1. Tommy's is great!!! The duck is spectacular, and it is exactly what savory south said - perfect for pleasing a crowd. You can't go wrong.

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              Milton Prudence, who ran Galatoire's for years, went over there awhile back..he is the best Natural Born cook I ever saw.

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                The duck salad I had there was omg fantastic.