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Oct 23, 2009 04:34 PM

Prepared meals delivered for seniors--best packages?

I live 3000 miles away from my mother. Can anybody suggest a prepared, delivered meals website with tasty, nutritious,low sodium, low fat, etc food that I could send her?

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  1. i suggest calling the local senior center in her town or nearby town and arrange to have her put on the meals on wheels delvery list. the food is well prepared and can be adjusted to eet special dietary needs. i have been delivering meals on wheels in my area for many years and find the food to be well prepared hot and tasty. try this to keep her well supplied with one hot meal a day.

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      Angel food ministries do sr meals

    2. You could try and do a search on this website reputation:

      The actual name has changed, and have no idea how this new company is doing, the originals used to be out of Vermont/NY I believe. I didn't peruse the new website, but now I will for the heck of it.

      I used them when i had to travel and didn't have time to cook much for my diabetic husband (not a senior). This was about 5 years ago, i sat here for a while just trying to remember the name, I knew Bistro was in the title, so after doing a google search it came back!

      Now don't know if this will help, but if still the norm all foods have to be placed in boiling water in a pouch, so that may be an issue. Back when I used them, my husband had very few complaints all things being considered, as he isn't a cooking person at all.

      Good luck, hope this helps somewhat. A bit pricey too if I remember.

      1. With seniors, the most important thing is to get enough protein into them, mostly, for strong bones and muscle retention. I ordered the low carb Home Bistro package as a gift for my MIL last winter or two ago, and she said they were very good. She never noticed the carbs were moderated. Most important, though, is that they tasted good and she ate them all.

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