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coconut ice cream

Does anyone know if any Los Angeles Ice Cream shops make a really good real coconut ice cream - preferably with bits of coconut in it

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  1. Normally, I would recommend Fosselman's, but for coconut ice cream you can't go wrong with the version at Jitlada ... those Thais know their coconuts!

    5233 West Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles
    (323) 663-3104

    1. i know it's not an ice cream shop (unless you drive to Santa Barbara), but McConnell's (at Gelson's) does a nice coconut filled with coconut shreds.

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        I second McConnell's...very rich with a nice fresh coconut taste!...available at Bristol Farms. I also like the coconut ice cream at Thai Nakorn...and they will pack a quart (in their soup containers)...it is best that you bring some dry ice to transport it as it melts very easily!

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          Hmm. A scoop of McConnell's intense Bordeaux Strawberry or intense Turkish Coffee with a scoop of that coconut I've never tried -- sounds intense.

          McConnells Ice Cream of Santa Barbara
          201 W Mission St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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            curious as to whether you've had both the Brazilian Coffee and the Turkish Coffee... and if so, how do they compare? differ? thanks!

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              As a matter of fact, Emme, I have a pint of Brazilian Coffee in my freezer and used it last night to make a very tasty affogato (with espresso, a few roasted walnuts, Grand Marnier-scented whipped cream, and a chocolate-covered cherry on top -- a sensible dessert after an Alondra Hot Wings dinner ;-).

              The McConnell's Santa Barbara parlor manager once told me that Turkish is the only one of their several coffee flavors that has a significant amount of caffeine. The Brazilian is nevertheless delicious -- good coffee flavor, creamy, and seemingly lighter than the TC. The most important difference, however, is the fine-ground coffee McConnell's stirs throughout Turkish Coffee ice cream, whose texture would be intriguingly compatible with the Coconut that you're recommending. If you like to finish a cup of Greek or Turkish coffee by eating the grounds with a spoon, then you'll love this ice cream, which seems to be available only in the SB parlor. (Believe me, I've asked more than once.)

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                i always get turkish coffee and the island coconut when i got to the sb location just off of state street.

      2. I can vouch for Lappert's of Hawaii. You can order in multiples of 6 and it is packed in dry ice and air shipped. The son started Lappert's on the mainland. It can be similarly ordered and there are retail stores in California but not in LA. There is a shop in Palm Springs but I cannot vouch for the taste as I've only had it in Hawaii. http://www.lappertshawaii.com/ice_cre...

        1. I know you asked for "Ice Cream shops" but if you're willing to buy a pint or gallon, this place imports some great chunky coconut ice cream from Thailand:

          LAX-C market
          1100 N Main St.
          Los Angeles, CA 90012
          (323) 343-9000

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            Some of the above replies sound like they are more "high-end," but I like the coconut paletas they make at some Mexican ice cream shops. I frequent the Mateo's on Sepulveda in Culver City, but I know there are (I think) 4 Mateo's shops in total. Their paletas definitely have shredded coconut bits.

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              i second the lax-c rec. macapuno, although not found there, is also good.

            2. delicieuse makes a fantastic coconut ice cream.
              2503 artesia blvd.
              redondo beach, ca 90278
              they are open to the public friday to sunday only so make sure to check their hours of operation before you go.

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                "FatTooth," sounds like a winner to me. Of the ice creams I have eaten, Delicieuse has been the best I've tasted. I usually take the coward's way out and get it at Surfas (much closer and
                much longer hours), but I've never seen the coconut one there. I know the Delicieuse shop in Redondo Beach does have lots more flavors available. They don't have all the flavors listed on their website available at their shop (all the time) do they? I assume that'd be question number 2 to ask.

              2. There is a Oaxacan place across the street from the Post Office on Venice near Centinella that has coconut and some other interesting flavors.

                1. Coconut ice cream alert!

                  Scoops is featuring a Coffee + Coconut combination ice cream today - Out of this world! I bought a whole pint!

                  1. Just a small FYI, if you go to most Filipino grocery stores and look for ice cream flavored with "macapuno" (tagalog for "coconut"), you'll be sure to find pints of the dessert flavored with coconut - complete with bits of coconut in it. My personal favorite flavor is Ube/Macapuno (purple filipino yam with coconut ... mmmmmmmm). One well known brand is Magnolia, but there are definitely others.

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                      i second Magnolia Macapuno ice cream!!! it's rich and delicious. try the other Magnolia brand flavors too. so yummy!

                    2. I've always been a big fan of the vanilla ice cream from Marble Slab mixed with their coconut. Haven't had any better yet!

                      1. I've always been a fan of the coconut ice cream at Al Gelato. Although, my memory is sligthly uncertain as to whether it's plain coconut or toasted coconut. I think it's the latter.

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                        1. I recently had a coconut cream pie ice cream at Handel's in Redondo Beach. I am not a coconut fan, (my wife is) but this was a fantastic concoction with your requisite coconut flakes. Certainly one of their stronger flavors.

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                            Rose Creamery Brentwood. I cannot imagine a more perfect rendition of fresh coconut ice cream. I don't know if it is available every day. That, along with the banana, is pretty amazing!

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                              rose creamery? where is that in brentwood? that's weird, i've never heard of it. just opened?

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                                It's the Rustic Canyon/Huckleberry folks who recently opened up an ice cream shop in the Brentwood Country Mart on 26th off San Vicente. I tried the coconut/lime sorbet the other day and it was pretty amazing. Get the term sorbet out of your mind because the coconut creaminess has such a rich mouthfeel to it, and the lime accent sent me off to the tropics with the first slurp. I think my imagination landed somewhere on an island in the Andaman Sea.

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                                  my bad... yesh, i do remember the huckleberry people opening up a ice cream shoppe. not a bad idea... reddi chick... and then some ice cream. i kinda miss city bakery, a little bit.

                          2. Coconut is one of my favorites and I haven't found any better than McConnell's. Stocked up last week when Gelsons had pints on sale for 2.99. Note that there is an Ice Cream shop in Encino that is now scooping McConnell's Ice Cream:


                            McConnell's is one of the only ice creams I know of, besides Haagen Daz, that still does not use guar gums and carageenan and all the nasty stuff. At Gelson's I saw Dr. Bobs for $6 a pint and it has the nasty thickeners and goops.

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                              "McConnell's is one of the only ice creams I know of, besides Haagen Daz, that still does not use guar gums and carageenan and all the nasty stuff."

                              IMHO, that's about the only good thing you can say about Häagen-Dazs, which is produced by Dreyer's in the U.S. For example, I recently couldn't find the magnificent McConnell's Bordeaux Strawberry at my local Bristol Farms, so I tried H-D Strawberry instead. By comparison, it was weak-tasting and uninteresting, with no identifiable strawberry characteristics. Maybe that's what the company founder -- the guy who, according to his daughter, sat at the kitchen table mumbling nonsense sounds for hours until he hit on the pseudo-Scandinavian name "Häagen-Dazs" -- had in mind, but for my money, frozen strawberries with whipped cream is a far-better substitute when Bordeaux Strawberry is out of stock.

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                                Yeah, Haagen Daz is definitely on the downhill alert list since Dreyers took over. And have you noticed that only certain flavors of Dreyers "Grand" Ice Cream have the words "ice cream" on the labels these days? Apparently most of their garbage doesn't have enough milk or cream to be legally called ice cream anymore. Indeed, several of the labels that i've checked have listed "Whey" as the number one ingredient now. Ugh. It's not ice cream anymore it's "Frozen Dessert Food".

                            2. Hello,

                              It's a Thai restaurant, not an ice cream place, but we love the coconut ice cream at Renu Nakorn. It has pieces of coconut in it and is just heavenly!

                              Renu Nakorn Restaurant
                              13019 Rosecrans Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650