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Oct 23, 2009 02:49 PM

Mikado Sushi Robata (McNicoll location)

Has anyone been to this restaurant? Prices? Menu? From the little info that's out there, it sounds like it's a Japanese BBQ restaurant.

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  1. So they've changed name?!

    Mikado at McNicoll has been around for years!! They used to be called just Mikado Sushi without the Robata part, even though they do offer complimentary grilled salted Saba as an amuse-bouche. It used to be my favourite Japanese place before I discovered the likes of Kaji, Zen or Aoyama. The reason being that their nigiri sushi platter always featured fairly high-end ingredients like Mirugai and uni. Price wise its very similar to Zen. Unsure about their 'new' menu though?! Guess I need to check out the robata part.

    BTW, the last time I ate there, the chef/owner was Japanese! However, that was at least three years ago! Sorry about the 'out-of-date' info!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Mikado on McNicoll is not related to Mikado on Laird. It's owned by Korean. It's not AYCE. The fish are fresh but limited variety, just regular offerings.

    2. just went there this afternoon with a bunch of friends.

      there's an ayce option from ONLY 2pm-6pm. it is indeed run by koreans and if you look closely at the big blue sign, the name is now nikado (with an n, and not an m anymore). ayce will run u $13.95 before tax and tip. unlike most other ayce places, the tip is NOT automatically added to the bill.

      they are very eager to please. i think we got 95-100% of what we ordered (not really sure as 10+ hungry guys ordering gets a bit disorganized).

      what's really different about this place is the robata part. judging from everyone's reaction today, the cooked/robata stuff was better than the raw foods. there was actually one cook dedicated to the grill which is situated beside the sushi bar, such that u can see everything he's doing.

      pros: unique menu items like grilled yakitori, these grilled pork balls, baked oysters, fresh uni, fatty looking salmon, tons of rolls (maki) to choose from

      cons: there's a limit placed on certain (expensive) items like nigri/oysters/uni/sashimi etc etc

      overall good experience, consensus was that the food items were of "higher" quality although we had to wait a bit longer than usual ayce standards to get them. however, completion of items ordered was close if not 100%. i'd say its strength is the grilled/robata items.

      1883 McNicoll Avenue
      (416) 754-8838

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      1. re: blitz

        another thing to add. AYCE is only in afternoon. it's strictly a la carte at lunch and dinner.

        1. re: blitz

          Did you check out the a la carte menu? What are the prices like? This place is near my parents and I always wondered about it... would like to put it on my to do list (as I do like robata...)

          1. re: Apple

            hmm. the only other menu item i looked at was the lunch bento boxes, which were priced at <$10ish??? i wasn't entirely impressed by them as the amount of cooked food was greater than the raw food for each bento, it seemed. didn't take a look at the other options as we were pretty set on stuffing our faces with ayce lol.

            a friend of mine ate dinner there once and commented that the amount of food:person ratio was good. i know that's pretty vague...but he eats a ton of sushi and has a pretty respected opinion among us. i can't really comment on the prices lol, but i did notice new banners all over the outside...advertising "new menu and lower prices".

            if ur interested in dinner a la carte, there's one up at market village. it's called watami, located right beside the market village food court entrance/beside hollywood cafe. it's a nice dark cozy place. apparently it's supposed to be of higher quality? i'm not really a sushi connoisseur so i couldn't tell the difference. had one of the sushi dinner options and it came to $20-23ish after tax/tip/menu item substitution. definitely blew my student budget for dinner lol.

            1. re: Apple

              a friend of mine found this link. it's an accurate description.

              pics below. both dinners come with miso soup and green salad. both came up to $20ish after tax/tip/substitutions.