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Oct 23, 2009 02:00 PM

Sushi in State College?

I am in State College working for the next couple of weeks before we move down to Pittsburgh and was wondering if anyone could suggest a sushi place.


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  1. I would say Jade/Fuji Garden. Compared to every other sushi joint in town, it is definitely the best quality.

    1. If you are still in state college, try say sushi on allen st.--it's the best. They at least have the fish whole and on display.

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      1. re: esperanza

        I've never been impressed with the fish at Say Sushi. The nigiri are tiny, and the fish didn't strike me as super-fresh. Interestingly enough, whenever I've eaten there, most people order from their Korean menu, not the sushi.

        I stand by Fuji Garden for great sushi (albeit not great service).