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Oct 23, 2009 01:45 PM

Has Disneyland's Corn Dog Changed?

The last couple times I bought a corn dog from the "Little Red Wagon" in Disneyland it was smaller then usual, and dare I say, tasted different. The first time I thought it was my imagination. No way would Disneyland mess with my beloved corn dog. But on a return trip I was met with the same disappointing experience.

From a little snooping I found over on Yelp a reviewer claiming that the all-beef dog was switched out with a pork/chicken blend of some kind. Can anyone else confirm this?

Hopefully I'm just crazy and had a couple cases of bad luck... hopefully...

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  1. The only that I had heard, which has not been confirmed to me, is that Disneyland removed the transfat from their corn dogs.

    1. I just spoke to a manager who works at the cart and the product has changed.

      A few months ago the cart moved from an 8" dog to a 6" 100% beef dog. The weight remained the same, however the dog was thicker, used less batter, and cooked faster.

      As of a "couple of weeks ago," Disneyland is now using a new 6" Beef and Chicken combo dog. (I didn't get the exact ratio)

      From what I am told, the reviews of this new dog have not been good, but the product is supposed to be healthier and still have the same cost cutting benefits as the last 6" dog.

      This is straight from the guys that make the stuff.....

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      1. re: cem3340

        I understand the cost-cutting move, but it disturbs me that Disney is forming a food police department. If people were that concerned about health they shouldn't be eating corn dogs in the first place, and Disney should provide the best tasting product they can supply

        1. re: TomSwift

          ITA!!! The corn dawg was my ONE park indulgence....


        2. re: cem3340

          I knew it! Thanks cem3340 for doing the legwork for me. That's a shame that Disneyland couldn't leave well-enough alone.

          That dog was one of my few Disneyland indulgences. I guess I'll stick to $3 churros and bengal skewers from now on.

          1. re: ReelMike84

            No worries.

            Disney used to have cream cheese filled pretzels, which I found to be a delicious and nutritious(?) snack food for inside the park....If they're still around: worth adding to you Disneyland snackable list

            1. re: cem3340

              I saw these in the Coca-Cola Refresher place on Main St. the other day. I'll add them to the list!

              1. re: cem3340

                They had the filled pretzels yesterday at the pretzel cart in Tomorrowland.

              2. re: ReelMike84

                I'm addicted to the coconut macaroons at the Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street. But they sell out early :(

                1. re: ReelMike84

                  I was just at Disneyland and noticed that the beef at Bengal BBQ tasted kinda bad. Both my BF and I thought that the meat tasted different from before, like very low quality cheap beef. Just me?

                  Anyone tried to corndogs at California Adventure from Corndog Castle? Those were pretty tasty, not sure if they're the same, though. These ones are huge.

                  1. re: Azizeh

                    Yup! They are the same, but is the Corndog Castle still there? I believe it was shut down, at least temporarily a while ago....

                    1. re: Dommy

                      The Corn Dog Castle is not there, but the same corn cogs are available at the Bountiful Farms outpost near Bug's Land.

                      1. re: ReelMike84

                        When I was there last week, there was a sign up that said Corndog Castle had moved to another part of CA Adventure while they're doing construction. I think it was closer to where all the other food spots are. It was raining that day, so much of the concessions weren't open anyway.

              3. was the only good food in the park. My son will be heart broken.

                1. This is a really interesting thread. I'd be curious what Disney would think if it was forwarded to them. Granted, they might not care, but people (including myself) genuinely love their corn dogs the way they were...8" of all beef dog with a lovely, crispy, slightly sweet batter shell.

                  1. Cant believe they F'd with my corn dog. DAMN that mouse